This New Office Furniture Collection is Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The original office furniture pieces and designs of iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright will be reintroduced to the modern home and workspace with Steelcase’s Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection

Set to launch this fall, the Racine collection will be the first of many ongoing Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired collections by Steelcase, who has entered into a new chapter of its longtime relationship with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to bring the visions and ideas of Wright back to life.

Steelcase began its connection with Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939 when the famed architect designed the office furniture and floor plan of the SC Johnson Administration Building in Racine, Wisconsin. Steelcase produced Wright’s revolutionary designs and pieces for those workspaces and has since continued to honor Wright’s designs through other projects with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. 

Now, the U.S. furniture manufacturer is drawing on the Foundation’s archives to create home furnishing collections that revisit, reintroduce and reinterpret Wright’s original work and designs. 

The Racine collection will bring back the office furniture pieces that Wright designed for the SC Johnson Administrative building with only minor modifications. It will include a reintroduction of Wright’s signature desk, guest chair and utility table plus a modern reinterpretation of each piece that feature updated dimensions, color palettes and materials. 

The signature selection will stay true to the original characteristics and Racine red color of the 1939 office furniture with a few slight adjustments in size and weight to support the modern user, while the modernized pieces will build off the originals and offer more design choices for a wider range of workspaces and aesthetics. 

View a preview of the upcoming collection here

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