See How Wipliance Outfitted Fit6 Scottsdale With Smart Automation for High Energy Workouts

Fit6 is a small group training boutique fitness studio in Scottsdale that offers trainer-led workouts in a high-energy, structured environment. When creator Josh Rogers and Executive VP of Operations Marisa Johnson were creating concepts for their new space in North Scottsdale, they knew they wanted technology to be a key component. The Fit6 team recruited the automation experts at Wipliance (also a 2022 Best of Our Valley winner!) to create an immersive and signature experience—from the dynamic and vibrant Proluxe lighting that can move with the music, to the everyday operational tasks that would make their employee’s lives easier.

In the video below, see how Wipliance Founder Lee Travis and the Wipliance team demonstrate how immersive lighting, media and smart technology takes fitness to the next level within the Fit6 studio space—all while getting a great workout in!

Lighting is a big part of the Fit6 story. By using bright and impactful colors and following the beat of the music, workouts are dynamic and lively. Wipliance also preprogrammed their signature teal brand color for quick access. Engraved lighting control keypads makes creating the perfect setting a snap.

Fit6 uses responsive arm bands to track clients’ progress and heart rate throughout the workout, and they wanted that information readily visible from monitors throughout the space. Trainers use headsets that keep the pace up tempo- and all of these audio/video systems are easily managed from a central location. Wipliance created a Control4 ecosystem to provide a single app that controls media, lighting, security system and more- and everything is accessible from touchscreens in the facility as well as convenient mobile app for remote owner management.

The team at Fit6 is thrilled with the end result, and partnering with Wipliance allowed them to focus on running their business and providing a unique experience while having a team of technology experts to help simplify the needs of everyday operation.

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