How To Get the Best Interior Lighting Design With Wipliance

We’ve already seen how to get the best exterior lighting design in the home, but don’t forget about the inside!

Depending on the application, light has the power to take your living space from an energizing or relaxing mood to party mode! In the video below, join Lee Travis with Wipliance and David Warfel of Light Can Help You at the Prosource Lighting Experience Center in Dallas, Texas for an immersive tour of a lighting lab that beautifully illustrates how lighting can affect how you feel at home.

A thoughtfully-planned lighting design will gracefully accent the textures and finishes in your home- from wood, stone and fabrics to unique colors and architectural details. Whether it’s creating a relaxing environment for date night or a comfortable and warm environment for a family dinner, the quality of lighting you use can affect how you feel in the space.

So many homeowners are handed a lighting layout from their builder, which is sufficient safety lighting and passes code, but it is only a starting point. Layout typically does not account for different times of day, how the furniture might be arranged in the space, or how the space is used. If your lighting is perfectly symmetrical on the ceiling, it may be lighting the carpet perfectly, but not delivering light on the surfaces and spaces that you need it.

Linear lighting in coves and bookshelves, pendants to draw interest, and even the placement of recessed fixtures above artwork can drastically affect the space with the smallest adjustment in placement of the fixture. In your living room or family room, you want a warm and welcoming environment in the evening, but it may be too warm for the height of the day to clean or focus on work, so lighting that delivers a single static color temperature (even the industry-preferred 3000K) won’t fit the bill for all scenarios and all times of day.

What about colored lighting? Many initially have the impression that colored lighting is only for parties; however, when is the last time you saw a black and white sunset? Whether it’s immersive color or subtle pops of color, bringing the full rainbow into your home can highlight a space and create interest. Many industry-leading LED lighting manufacturers who offer color also offer the full white set on a separate chip.

Need help with creating the perfect interior lighting for your home? The installation experts at Wipliance (also a 2022 Best of Our Valley winner!) and the design team at Light Can Help You can work with you to find the perfect solution for your home.

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