How To Get the Best Exterior Lighting Design With Wipliance

What’s the difference between a standard exterior lighting layout and true lighting design? In the video below, Lee Travis with Wipliance and David Warfel of Light Can Help You discuss the many ways in which the landscape lighting outside of your home, when done correctly, can extend your living space and create a welcome atmosphere.

Explore the impact that well-designed, well-placed lighting can have on your exterior spaces—from greeting your guests and family at the front entry and driveway to the outdoor entertaining spaces such as backyards, patios, pool areas and gardens.

Lighting layout—typically done for construction or permitting process—typically covers safety lighting, and isn’t known for setting a nice ambient mood for relaxation. A well-designed exterior lighting system will have layers of lighting to highlight different architectural elements of your home, create paths of light and designate living zones. Whether it’s stone, wood, steel, greenery or flowers, we all have surfaces that give our home’s exterior curb appeal and character. Why not highlight them with uplighting or downlighting, showcasing the textures and transitions throughout the space?

Don’t forget the trees. Dramatic uplighting creates a moody atmosphere, and even some glowing string lights can create a romantic vibe, just like the outdoor dining at your favorite restaurant. Well-placed exterior lighting is not only a must-have for a safe, well-lit home, it helps to “wrap your home in a hug” of light by extending the space and the golden hours, giving you more time to enjoy your home. From wall sconces to spotlights, linear LED lighting and pathway lighting, there are many models and manufacturers of exterior landscape lighting to choose from.

Need help with creating the perfect exterior lighting for your home? The installation experts at Wipliance (also a 2022 Best of Our Valley winner!) work closely with the design team at Light Can Help You to offer the perfect solution for extending the sunset and getting the most out of your outdoor living.

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