The Workout Buddy Workout


We all know that there is strength in numbers, same goes for your workouts! Having a workout buddy with help hold you accountable, make you actually show up, make you work harder and you might even get a free vent sesh! So next time you go to workout, grab a buddy and break a sweat using this partner tabata workout!


Equipment needed:
Workout Buddy & A Wall

The Workout:
Tabata 20 on/ 10 off x 8
You will both do the first move for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. You will then both do the second move for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat until you have done each move 4 times for 8 rounds total. Rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat the next set.

Some of the exercises involve you doing the move together and some exercises require you each to do a separate exercise at the same time. You will essentially be using your partners body as “equipment”.

For people who are new to working out just do each set one time. If you are more experienced go through each set twice.

The Exercises:
Partner A Plank Hold
Partner B Plank Shuffle

Partner High 5 Pushup
Partner High 5 Squat Jump

Partner A Wall Sit
Partner B Tricep Dip Hops

Partner High 5 Sit Ups
Partner High 5 Burpees

Form Check:

Partner A Plank Hold: Hold a plank position on your forearms. Keep your shoulder blades pinched together and your hips tucked under. Create tension through your core by driving you elbows to your toes and your toes to your elbows. You will want to have your feet wider than normal so your partner can shuffle in and out of your legs (See below). To make this easier you can take it to a high plank position or drop to your knees.

Partner B Plank Shuffle: Shuffle in and out of your partners legs. Drive your knees to your chest while pumping your arms and moving laterally. To make this easier step behind your partner and just use them as a guide or slow down the movement.

Partner High 5 Pushup (Pictured): Both partners will start in a pushup position facing each other. You will both drop down into a pushup at the same time. As you come back up to the top position you will give them a high 5. To make this easier do the pushup on your knees.

Partner High 5 Squat Jumps: Both partners will start in a low squat position facing each other. Keep your feet outside of your hips, chest lifted and the weight in your heels. You will both explode up into a squat jump and High 5 each other at the top. To make this easier take out the jump and just squat down and stand up to the high 5.

Partner A Wall Sit: Hold a wall sit. Keep your legs at 90 degrees and your back up against the wall. Make sure you are stable enough to hold your partner up before proceeding (see below).

Partner B Tricep Dip Hops: Place your hands on your partners knees while they hold a wall sit. Face away from your partner and drop down into a tricep dip. As you dip you will jump your feet out and as you come back up you will jump your feet together. To make this easier take out the hop and just do tricep dips.

Partner High 5 Sit Ups: Both partners will sit on the ground facing each other. Link feet together for stability. Both partners lay down to the ground and sit up. Make sure when you sit up you are leading with your chest. At the top position give your partner a high 5. To make this easier don’t go all the way down.

Partner High 5 Burpees: Both partners will start in a standing position facing each other. At the same time you will both drop down into a pushup position. You will both explode up into a jump. As you jump up you will give each other a high five. To make this easier take out the jump and walk it down and up from the pushup position.

Madison is a certified personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a certified sports and exercise nutrition coach and a certified functional strength coach. For more information head to or check her out on instagram at @mmmadisonmurray

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