The Secrets of Pro Athletes

I watched the Olympics in awe. Michael Phelps, Keri and Misty, Usain Bolt… insane! Not only were they mesmerizing to watch, but they defied laws of speed, gravity and endurance. My volleyball visor goes off to them. But they also have a few training tricks up their sleeve. For the inside scoop on their competitive edge, I went to Michael Gombrich, a strength coach in Phoenix. Here he reveals how all the pro athletes he’s helped train get physically stronger and mentally tougher…

Spectators watch professional athletes and know they are bigger, stronger and faster than the average human. Some athletes will never have to work hard to be a superstar, but some have to put in blood, sweat and tears like the rest of us. Here are 4 tips so you can gain the competitive edge:

1. “Why” Factor – Professional athletes have 2 primary goals: win a championship and get paid. These drive them to lift more weight, run farther, and work harder than others. Find your “why” factor and let it drive you into stardom.

2. Support Team – Most sports are team based, so athletes have teammates and coaches to continuously push them to be better. Their supporters force them to be as close to perfection as humanly possible. Tell your family and friends about your goals and make them him-and-haw at you when you miss a workout.

3. Professional Help – Many of the athletes I’ve worked with knew next to nothing about weightlifting. These are guys who grew up working out and playing sports and when they become professionals, they still don’t know what to do. Seek out some qualified help at your local gym or do a quick Google search. You’ll get more benefits from a properly designed program than trying to emulate Arnold in Pumping Iron.

4. Nutrition – It’s been famously said, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Don’t sabotage your gains by plowing through Twinkies when you come home. Again, do a quick Google search and plan your day accordingly.



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