How To Perk Up Your Pecs

Perkier pecs can be yours!
Perkier pecs can be yours!
Perkier pecs can be yours!

We’re all kinda obsessed with our chests: women want perkier, men want more defined. And although your top half may not be what it used to be (blame gravity), there’s an easy way to return it to its former glory – and it doesn’t require surgery or a manzier. Ryan Read, personal trainer/owner at Thrive Specialized Training, swears that a few simple chest exercises a day will give you bigger-looking, perkier pecs in no time. “Many clients ask me how they can make their chests perkier,” says Ryan. “I suggest doing a series of chest exercises three to five times a week.” Here are his top peck-building exercises for men and women

For the gals:

  • Grab a set of weights and lay down on a bench to do a pectoral fly. Start with your arms to your side and maintain a slight bend in the elbow. Lift the weights above your chest and squeeze the pec. Lower to the side until you feel a stretch in the pec. Repeat.
  • Start in a push-up position. Keep your core straight and lower down until your chest almost touches the floor and explode up. Women can also do a modified version of this on their knees.
  • Lay on your back on a bench. Grasping the weights, bend arms slightly. Then extend your arms straight up above your chest and squeeze pecs. Repeat

For the guys:

  • Adjust weight, then lay back down on bench with your feet planted on floor. Keep your back arched and your shoulders back as you lower the weight to your chest. Exhale on the way up.
  • Grab handles at crossover station, one in each hand. Stagger body in the middle of the station and lean forward slightly at the hips. Pull arms forward, keeping them slightly bent at the elbow. Squeeze chest when pulling in and control weight as your release back. Repeat.
  • Mount dip bar with bar diagonal under palms. Arms should remain straight with shoulders above hands, knees slightly bent. Begin to lower body by bending arms allowing elbows to flare out to sides. Keeping your head up and back straight push body up until arms are straight. Repeat.


Ryan Read, personal trainer/owner at Thrive Specialized Training
Ryan Read, personal trainer/owner at Thrive Specialized Training



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