Must Try This One…Ever Heard of Landmines?

Hi everyone….hope you had a productive week with training and eating healthy! I have been traveling a bit so finding time to workout has been difficult but I have managed to get it in when I can. With that said Spring Break is upon us and summer is fast approaching! What are you doing to amp up your workouts? I LOVE adding new exercises, new music or buying new gym clothes which all help keep me motivated and pushing hard at the gym.

An exercise I want you all to try this week is an exercise called Landmines. This exercise allows you to train in a variety of planes and targets a number of muscle groups, all while stabilizing the core, shoulders and hips. Again, the only way your body makes changes is if you push past your comfort zone….that is when the body really reacts to the training and healthy eating. The exercises in the video below is great because you really feel it in the glutes….which is in high demand these days…a round, tone tush!


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.43.27 PM

All you need is an Olympic bar (45 lbs), you may add weight but try it first without to get the form down.

Start with : (Follow 5 times)

1. Reverse lunges- 15/leg

2. Side lunges with rotation-15/leg

3. Bent over row single arm- 15/arm



Watch this Video on Landmine Demonstrations!



Thank you so much for reading! 

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