I have been having conversations with my clients lately about balance. Balance with food, workouts and overall health. This is something I have been working on for years…even before competing or getting involved in fitness. I feel like many people battle with balance and making time for it all. I do feel though that balance is not necessarily about time management but more about boundary management. Balance means MAKING CHOICES AND ENJOYING THOSE CHOICES.
We cannot live in this state of guilt by the choices we make but must learn from them and become AWARE of our actions.


When looking at food habits these are some common issues:

1. Bingeing
2. Eating out of boredom
3. Routine eating even when not hungry (like when you get home)
4. Social/making bad choices
5. Using food as a stress reliever.
Becoming AWARE of your habits and downfalls will allow you to recognize and work on stopping those actions. The worse thing you can do is feel guilt and shame. Why would you want to live a life going through that every day? I know that I don’t and I educate my clients in the same way. Our minds are the key to losing weight…once our mind is satisfied then we will stop sabotaging our weight/fat loss efforts.

I chatted with a client recently and she was worried that her and her husband’s life was revolving around food. She was tired of food prep and sort of fallen off and lost some motivation. Couple of setback was vacations and social events that threw her off track and when back home found it difficult to get back to a routine. I see this happen so often.

First thing I told her was that she must look at her health as a lifelong goal and not something that is short term. Food prep can get monogamous, I even slack with this, but I remind myself that I would rather know what I am putting in my body then to spend money on going out to eat or going hours without eating to the point to where I am starving. Again, it is a lifestyle and you must live in a way conducive to your way of life. There are many options out there if you are not prepared but you must be committed to making those choices when faced with situations when you are not prepared.

Remember, the key to balance is the mind. Make the choice and enjoy it. This is your life and you are the only one in control of it.

Happy Training and thank you for reading,
Felicia Romero

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