Benefits of Working Out with a Buddy

Buddy Up!

Is it just me, or has life been extra busy lately? March was madness and April is showing no signs of slowing down. So, instead of Karving alone at Karve North Scottsdale this weekend, I invited my friend Kara along for a double dose of calorie burning and socializing.

Buddy-up workouts are my fave. That way I can slim down and socialize at the same time. Well… not exactly at the same time. It’s not like Kara and I played catch-up during class (although there were plenty of shared OH-MY-GOD! glances when our thighs and butts were burning), but we did plenty of chatting post-class. And Karve was the perfect backdrop. The cute-as-a-button barre studio looks more like a chic boutique than an exercise studio, which only made our friend fitness date more fun.

And it turns out there are plenty of benefits to working out with a buddy…

You’ll be more motivated
You’re way more likely to cancel on yourself than you are with a friend. It would have been super easy for me to blow off my Karve session if not for Kara’s company. No one wants to bail on a friend. Working out with a buddy keeps you accountable, which is sometimes half the battle.

Buddy Up!
Buddy Up!

You’ll combat stress
Yes, exercise in itself is a stress reliever. It pumps you full of feel-good endorphins. Add in the social aspect and you have a double dose of de-stressing. Having a friend network provides support, encouragement and a chance to unload problems (aka bitch). No wonder researchers have found that people with strong social connections have less stress-related health problems.

Double fun in the sun!
Double fun in the sun!

You’ll work a little harder
I’m not the most competitive person, but I do try a little harder when I’m crunching, lifting or running with a friend. And I’m not the only one – most of us tap into our inner athlete when working out with a buddy. So thank you Kara for making my butt look better. A little friendly competition can go a long way!

Pairing up steps it up

You’ll have more fun
Let’s be honest, exercising isn’t always fun. But add a friend to the mix and you have built-in good times, whether it’s someone to giggle with when you knock your water bottle over in class (yes, I did that) or bitch to the next day about your sore muscles… Kara, you can expect a call from me 🙂

Chatting and running makes the time fly
Chatting and running makes the time fly

What about you: What friend-based workouts do you do?


  1. Thank you for joining us this morning! You have given us a great idea- to launch a ‘Buddy Board’ where those in need of a little motivation can get paired with another Karver or Karvette!

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