Action creates Opportunity- Living a Passion Driven Life

“Living your passion driven purpose”

Overwhelmed, tank on empty, emotionally drained and honestly just wanting to call it quits. Ever feel like this? I know I have….. many times. But what stops me from wanting to quit? All it takes is a little inspiration to fuel your desire again…whether it be to regain composure, beat the battle with your mind and do something in your life that scares you but excites you all at the same time.


For me it was last weekend speaking at FitCon in Utah among many motivational men and women who are all responsible for “fueling my fire”. Also, being onstage again. I competed for 8 years at the Professional level and I can say that I forgot how exhilarating it is to be onstage, still inspiring others but under a different light. I stepped onstage and spoke about my struggles over the last couple of years but how I took that struggle and turned into a positive, I also spoke about food issues and body dysmorphia and how I overcame them.

1. Low self esteem

2. Body dysmorphia

3. Bingeing

4. Avoiding social situations

5. Negative self talk

6. Extreme behaviors and self sabotage

I spoke about all these issues and it was so humbling to know that I was not alone and that many men and women have dealt with this. After speaking , my heart was full, my soul was full. It was an amazing feeling. I knew that no matter what life threw my way , negative or positive, I was going to be able to handle it because I “was living my passion driven life” and that no circumstance was bad enough that I could not handle.

photo shoot

That is the joy of living your life with purpose. Because we all struggle …but you must NEVER QUIT.

Do something this week that scares you, excites you… never know the kind of experience you will receive from it!

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to watch my video blog!!


Thank you so much!


Felicia Romero

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