7 Hottest Fitness Trends 2013!

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Fitness works a lot like fashion: one minute a class is “in” the next, it’s “out.” Case in p0nt: step class. Thankfully, there’s a lot in vogue this year, from fancy fusion classes to back-to-basics moves that rely not on fancy equipment but on your own body weight. So jump on board and shake up your New Year with these new and improved calorie-torchers. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Back to Basics
Yes, gym class staples like situps, pushups and pullups are cool again! These no-frills moves don’t require any equipment (they mostly use your body weight), can be done anywhere and they’ll kick your butt!
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2. Free Fitness
Get your sweat on for free! That’s right, between freebie yoga classes, gratis run clubs and cost-free cross-fit, the Valley has plenty of no-pay ways to workout. Plus, Groupon and Living Social run tons of gym deals for wallet-wise ways to work up a sweat.
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3. Interval Training
Alternating bouts of intense activity with lighter activity is “in” because it works. You’ll burn more fat and calories, up your aerobic capacity, boost your metabolism and lose weight. What’s not to love?
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4. Niche Gyms
Quaint boutique gyms are popping up all over the Valley. These smaller, specialized spaces range from tranquil mind-body studios to workout rooms packed with specialized equipment and instruction.
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5. Fusion classes
People want to squeeze more in in less time. The answer: multitasking combo classes. So instead of doing just spin or just Pilates, you can do spinlates… or yogalates… or Brazilian Barre. Fancy!
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6. Small Group Training
One-on-one personal training isn’t going anywhere, but one trainer instructing a group of four to 10 is exploding. Intimate and interactive classes like TRX suspension training, ViPR and Kinesis give you the personalized attention of personal training (for cheap) plus the motivation and camaraderie that goes with a group.
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7. Fun Fitness
Gyms are taking the “work” out of workout (thank goodness!). Yes, you’re still blasting calories, but you’re having a blast doing it thanks to a light-hearted mood and pulse-pounding music (think Zumba). It is just exercise, after all… no need to take yourself too seriously.
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