6 Tips For a Perfect Butt

Try kettlebells to up the booty burn
A better booty can be yours!
A better booty can be yours!

I’ve blogged a lot about my behind… or lack of behind. But I didn’t know exactly what I was doing wrong in the booty department until Meagen Kribs pointed it out. Meagen, an NSCA and NPTI personal trainer, has trained hundreds of clients at Mountainside Fitness Platinum over the last 10 years – and she’s seen plenty of behinds go from flab to fab. The key: Variety. Here, Meagen tells us how we can change up our exercise routine so we can finally change our backside for the better…

Building a Booty-ful Bottom by Meagen Kribs
No matter what you call yours – booty, bottom, butt or derriere – every woman wants a toned tush. Unlike their more northern curvy counterpart (breasts) which are made up almost entirely of fat tissue, the buttocks are composed primarily of muscle. This makes them easy to build and mold with hard work and a well-rounded workout strategy… key word, well-rounded. A popular phrase among trainers is: “Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.” That’s because when your body gets familiar with a routine, it adapts and no longer yields the same results. Your glutes needs variety to get leaner and meaner. Follow these mix-it-up tips to create a fabulous fanny!

Switch up your equipment – Do you use the same equipment day in and day out? Grab a kettle bell instead of a bar, or stand on a Bosu to get your body out of autopilot and back on the fast track to results.

Try kettle bells to boost the booty burn
Try kettle bells to boost the booty burn

Move in a whole new way –Try doing walking lunges in reverse, to the sides, or even at 45-degree angle. This works the muscles from many angles and produces a more rounded muscle, while reducing the risk of overuse injuries.

One at a time, please – Just like having a dominant arm, you may have a stronger cheek. When working legs together, the stronger one usually compensates. This doesn’t allow the weak side to do its fair share of the work or make gains to catch up. Add single leg squats and deadlifts to your routine to avoid dominant side compensation and to activate those small stabilizing muscles as well as the core.

Hold it! – Bigger movements don’t always mean better gains. Build glute strength by doing isometric holds, like the glute bridge. Isometric holds keep the joints at a fixed angle while the muscles contract. The more you practice muscular contraction, the stronger the signal grows between the brain and the muscle. Translation: increased strength!

Try this glute bridge to isolate your butt muscles
Try this glute bridge to isolate your butt muscles

Jump around – Plyometics are a secret weapon in the war against fallen fannies! The high number of fast-twitch muscles in the glutes respond rapidly to explosive bursts, like squat jumps, box jumps and sprints.

Put some weight on – Many women shy away from lifting heavier weights out of fear of getting bulky. Truth is, bulky isn’t a look women accomplish accidentally. In other words, you’re not going to turn into a bodybuilder by lifting heavier. But because glutes are such large muscles, increasing their muscle mass equates to an increased energy expenditure on a daily basis. In other words, you can eat more because your body is a calorie-burning machine!

With a well-rounded workout plan, a well-rounded bottom is in reach–just in time for skinny jeans and leggings!

Meagen Kribs wife, mother, and personal trainer at Mountainside Fitness
Meagen Kribs, personal trainer at Mountainside Fitness
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