Spring Detox Week: Cleanse Your Body & Mind

Time to kick off Spring Detox Week… and kick those nasty toxins to the curb! Each day, top health and fitness experts across the Valley will spill their spring detox secrets. Today, two Scottsdale doctors – a Naturopathic Physician and Chiropractic Physician – tackle everything from coffee enemas to supercharging your water.

Body/mind makeover
Spring is a great time for cleaning, especially your liver and gall bladder! I like cleansing with food, specifically green leafy vegetables that contain mega amounts of liver supportive vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Juicing these veggies in large quantities is a great way to turbocharge your liver’s detoxification capabilities. Coffee enemas are another quick and powerful way to support the liver’s removal of toxins. But remember, any time you cleanse the body you have to cleanse the mind. This can be accomplished through the practice of deep breathing, yoga and meditation.
~Naturopathic Physician Dr. Suneil Jain of Rejuvena Health and Aesthetics

Dr. Jain
Dr. Jain

Water to the rescue!
A Spring detox for me is simple! Since I am a doctor that practices what he preaches about natural health care, I plan on detoxifying my liver. Holiday foods, flu, colds and lack of sun exposure can lead to the necessity to detox the liver. My simple recipe: Purified water and organic lemons do the job quite well. I focus on drinking a tall glass cylinder of ‘VOSS’ water with one whole organic lemon juice squeezed directly into the water. I drink one cylinder each day for thirty days consecutively. The benefits? It naturally detoxes the liver, it’s inexpensive and it creates an alkaline blood pH, great for vibrant skin and energy! You’ll feel “charged’ and ready for Spring!
~Dr. Michael J. Robb, DC, BA, AAS, Chiropractic Physician and owner of FIX 24 in Scottsdale

Dr. Michael J. Robb
Dr. Michael J. Robb

The prize: A 5-day Pressed Juice Cleanse from Kaleidoscope Juice including 25 Organic Cold Pressed Organic Juices, 5 Turmeric Detox Flushes and 1 Raw Almond Milk (retails for $300).

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Kaleidoscope Juice
Kaleidoscope Juice
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