Here’s to a healthy happy hour!

I was in crescent pose in Gina Marciano’s 12pm flow class at Sumits Biltmore when an idea hit me: we should all have a Friday “happy hour.” No, not the bar kind that revolves around wings and beer, although they can be fun too — but an hour totally dedicated to you. Hear me out: The week is crazy and the weekend is sometimes crazier which can leave us a little off-kilter. That’s why it’s especially important to dedicate an hour—just one—to something that’s all about you. That’s what Gina’s class is for me: An hour to zone out so that I can zone in. Gina makes it easy with just the right mix of moves and music to get the blood and energy flowing. No, I wasn’t lovin’ the plank hip dips (my obliques were screaming), but the challenging parts can sometimes be the most rewarding. I left feeling fresh and fabulous: My hips were loser, my skin had a dewy glow and my energy was through the roof. Healthy = happy!

So be sure to do something special for you today. Want some ideas? How about…
*a pick-me-up yoga class
*a head-clearing run along the canal
*a pedicure at your favorite nail place (make sure it has massage chairs!)
*a beach cruiser tour around your ’hood (you may discover something new)
*a long walk with your doggie

And please share with me how you spend your healthy happy hour. I’d love to hear from you!

Gina Marciano


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