6 Healthy Skin Habits To Start Today

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A top esthetician reveals her healthy skin habits… read on

My skin has been breaking out like mad lately. I haven’t found the culprit (yet), but I’ve been more diligent about getting the grime off my face post workout and always washing my skin before bed. But this got me thinking – what do skin experts do on a daily basis to get that glowing complexion. Sure, they cleanse-tone-moisturize (repeat), but what else? So I went to Lori-Anne of Lori-Anne Aesthetics in Scottsdale, a skin guru who turns drab skin fab on a daily basis. Read on for her top healthy skin habits…

1) A daily dose of drinkable seaweed – Seaweed has all the trace minerals, plus calcium and magnesium to deliver a mineral boost to the body to promote relaxation and wellness. Calcium also helps strengthen skin from within. Try: Phytomer Oligomer Drink

2) Eat plant-based protein – Protein is important for the collagen, the skin’s elastic production. When you eat protein it’s turned into amino acids, which helps skin function and repair itself. Try: Lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, pea protein powder.

3) Regular removal of dead skin – You have to get rid of that dull outer layer to reveal the radiant skin underneath. My skin brightener of choice: a once-a-month dermaplane. It breaks down the dull barrier and gives you that glow. I also use sugar and honey as an exfoliation for an at-home treatment. Use it as a scrub mixed together with a little water, and then leave it on for 15 minutes as a mask (honey is antibacterial).

4) Steam, and plenty of it – Whether it’s over a pot of boiling water at home or coupled with a facial (I love to use enzymes during the steaming portion of a facial) for at least 10 minutes. Super hydrating, especially in AZ!

5) Extractions are a must! – No, they’re not always the most pleasant part of a facial, but they serve a purpose. Extractions make the pores look smaller and can prevent breakouts by cleaning out unwanted oil and dirt. Best done by a professional to ensure safety for the skin.

6) A great serum is essential – The small molecular structure of a good serum penetrates much deeper into the skin where it can actually help change damaged cells and create a stronger structure from within. Serums are used after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing.

Try this serum: LATHER Vitamin C Peptite Renewal, $58
Try this serum: LATHER Vitamin C Peptite Renewal, $58

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