3 Amazing Fitness/Spa Combos

Fitness + spa + ahhhhhhhhh....
Fitness + spa = ahhhhhhhhh….

Have you ever followed up a fitness class with a “spa” treatment? My fave is yoga followed by a massage (preferably shiatsu). You prime your muscles in downward dog and then whip them into submission on the massage table. It’s the perfect mind-body buzz! And with more and more fitness studios offering specialized bodywork treatments, you can have your sweat session and rubdown too – all under one roof! Bonus: Some studios are even offering facials. Here, 3 local boutique gyms give their fave fitness + spa combos

TRX + Sports Therapeutic Massage
Where: Remedy Pilates and Massage
TRX delivers a total-body workout using your bodyweight to create resistance. Basically all core! Our Sports Massage is like therapy for your hard work. Because our therapists lead active lifestyles they know how to ‘fix’ the pain and unleash the muscle that might be hanging on a little too tight. After TRX there is no better reward than this deep treatment.

TRX is one wicked workout
TRX at Remedy is one wicked workout

Skullpt Barre + Fusion Massage
Where: Sutra Midtown
When you follow one of our rigorous Skullpt Barre classes with our signature Fusion Massage, the rewards are many. Not only are fatigued muscles rapidly regenerated, you’ll also notice an increased vibrancy and enhanced outlook while experiencing a deeper feeling of connectedness with your own body.

Work your muscles... then melt your muscles at Sutra
Work your muscles… then melt your muscles at Sutra

Karve Ballet Barre + DermaPlaning
Where: Karve Studio North Scottsdale
During our effective Karve Ballet Barre sculpting classes our clients spend considerable time gazing at their reflections to ensure their form is perfect. Hard not to notice if your skin is looking lackluster! Our Esthetician Alyssa recommends monthly DermaPlanes to make sure your skin looks and feels as good as your Karved body. After class is a great treat!

Alyssa will work your booty and your complexion
Alyssa will work your booty and your complexion
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