Hot Body Secrets: Stacey Timbo

“A fit body is no accident and it doesn’t come from good DNA or luck”
“A fit body is no accident and it doesn’t come from good DNA or luck”

I’m hurting a little today and I blame Stacey Timbo. She might look sweet, and she is, but the petite powerhouse led me through one wicked workout at Reformed Pilates last night, a dynamic class on tripped-out reformers that combines cardio, toning and stretching. I broke a sweat in the first 5 minutes and by the end my muscles were screaming.

Not only is Stacey an inspiring instructor, but she has one enviable physique. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Stacey is also the Fitness Supervisor at Montelucia Resort and Spa where she teaches spin, yoga, TRX and Pilates – a quadruple threat! Through fine-tuning her own physique and training both corporate and private clients, she’s figured out the guiding principles that can give us all the body of our dreams. Nope, it’s not good DNA or luck; it comes down to variety, control, timing, focus and vision.

How to find a workout you love… Variety –  I enjoy group class settings, instructing others and feeling the burn with other fitness gurus. Having a meet-up time with a friend or a loved one to go for a run or take a fun exercise class is what pushes me and gets me excited to wake up and move! It doesn’t matter what style workout I’m doing, as long as I’m moving and burning calories!

How to eat healthy… Control – I plan most of my meals at home with flavors that satisfy. I crave sweet and salty, so I mix it up with almond butter on rice cakes, chia seeds in Greek yogurt and refreshing protein smoothies. Sticking to a high protein, plant-based and gluten-free diet that consists of 40% proteins, 40% carbs and 20% fats is when I feel my best. Just like exercise speeds up your metabolism, eating small meals every 3 hours keeps the metabolism from slowing down, so the secret is NOT to starve yourself and eat 5 small meals every day.

“Exercise with a friend, track progress, and NEVER give up!”

How to avoid overeating… Timing – Hydrate with 8-12 ounces of water before every meal to differentiate thirst from hunger.  Add healthy 100 -150 calorie snacks between meals to prevent cravings and binging.  Allow one cheat meal per week to reset your metabolism. A lot of overeating comes from boredom as well, so next time you feel cravings coming on try going for a short workout instead and getting in the habit of burning more, not consuming more.

How to tame trouble spots… Focus – Concentrate the mind and breathe into the muscle you want to impact. Maximize focus by getting enough sleep and surprising the body with diverse workouts (Pilates and ballet barre are my latest obsessions). Increasing your cardio per week and eating clean will also tighten up those trouble zones.

How to stay motivated…. Vision – Post inspiring pictures, favorite quotes, upcoming events and specific goals (e.g. pounds to lose, specific areas to tone, 5k finishing time) and look at it at least once a day. Exercise with a friend, track progress, and NEVER give up!

"the secret is NOT to starve yourself and eat 5 small meals every day"
“the secret is NOT to starve yourself and eat 5 small meals every day”

Photo credit: Courtney Lively Photography 

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