5 Fitness Favorites: Shandi Rooney

“I train myself to get out of my comfort zone and push myself harder” ~Shandi Rooney

Shandi Rooney is a fit force! I’ve done a lot of gym-jumping across the Valley, and one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done was led by Shandi, the founder and force behind StudioMixx, a specialized fitness studio in Old Town Scottsdale that delivers some serious calorie-burning. Shandi is all about getting results – that’s why she created the Mixx technique, a cutting-edge way to workout that combines the best of ballet, Pilates, yoga, functional training, cardio and interval (plus plenty of props) so you push your body in all the right ways. It’s a one-of-a-kind workout that delivers more efficient calorie burning, total body sculpting and a revved up metabolism!

Shandi is also a motivational master with the fitness creds to match: She holds a degree Exercise Physiology and worked with both Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner before opening StudioMixx. Here, the lululemon Ambassador and 37-year-old mom of two shares all her local fit favorites…

Favorite time to workout…
Mid-morning. By 9:00 am I’ve had my breakfast, coffee, kids are off to school, and the house is in order! It’s time to focus one hour of the day on me and challenging myself to be my best. I usually end up creating new Mixx workouts and Mixx exercises as I lose myself in the workout.

“I maximize each client’s potential by always changing up workouts” ~Shandi Rooney

Favorite calorie-burner…
Interval training is my go-to workout when I really need to blast some calories. I use Ballet Box, which is one of my new workouts in my recently released DVD collection, Mixxtreme Fitness by StudioMixx.  Tabata Barre is another favorite because this type of training takes my cardio training to a whole new level and combines the elements of ballet barre to create length in my muscles. These workouts give me the endurance of an athlete and the body of a dancer.

Favorite local trainer…
Me! I know my weaknesses and strengths better than anyone else, so I train myself to get out of my comfort zone and push myself harder. I think this is what makes me so successful as the owner and creator of StudioMixx. I maximize each client’s potential by always changing up workouts, creating new classes, and challenging participants to strive to be their best. Jennifer Palmer at StudioMixx trains very similar to me, so when I don’t want to think about creating my own workout, I’ll take one of Jennifer’s Xtreme Barre classes. Abs are a strong focus in Jennifer’s classes, so maybe that’s why I’ve been nominated for Best Abs in the Valley!!

Favorite workout wear…
Lulu of course! I wear lulu all day long, even when I’m not working out. I’m proud to be an ambassador for such an amazing company. I love wearing lulu when I teach because StudioMixx classes will transition through ballet barre, yoga, pilates, cardio intervals, and plyometrics all in an hour, so it’s important that I’m able to move freely as I incorporate each fitness concept into my workouts.

Favorite healthy restaurant…
I make a stop to Scottsdale Nutrition after every workout for my post-workout protein fix. Hands down, the ChopShop has the best menu for the health-conscious person.

Mixxtreme Fitness by StudioMixx


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