5 Fitness Favorites: Rachel Massie

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Rachel Massie is representing! Representing Arizona at the Miss USA pageant on June 16 that is. The reigning Miss Arizona USA is also winner of the 2012 1 Sol Swim Model Contest. A laser-technician and model by day, here’s how the stunner stays in bikini shape, plus some of her fave hometown hotspots…

Favorite calorie-burner…
Running the gorgeous AZ mountains! I get an amazing view and running up the mountain really helps work different parts of my legs plus, I love the adrenaline rush!

Favorite local trainer…
Scott Keppel with Scotts Training Systems. I love working out with Scott because he customizes a meal plan and workout plan just for you based off your goals. He’s really great at pushing you to limits he knows you can handle – and his positive reinforcement is great!

Favorite Spa…
My favorite spa is the National Laser Institute Medical Spa. I love all of the staff; they’re knowledgeable, caring, and fun! For treatments, they have everything you can think of: facials, chem peels, hair removal, tattoo removal, teeth whitening, skin tightening and more!

Favorite healthy restaurant…
The Herb Box in Scottsdale. All of their food options are healthy and delicious. My personal favorite is the Market Sunflower Salad. It has chicken, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, dried fruit and balsamic dressing!

Favorite workout song….
I love working out to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.



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