5 Fitness Favorites: Catherine Anaya

Catherine kissing the medal at the 2011 Boston Marathon
Catherine kissing the medal at the 2011 Boston Marathon

There’s the Catherine Anaya you see on the CBS local news… and the running, spinning, motivating Catherine who runs marathons and teaches spin, a petite powerhouse with an infectious energy. To try her spin class at RPM Spin in North Scottsdale is to love her class… even when you’re a non-spinner like me. But a couple pedals in and you’ll be hooked (BTW RPM is drop saddle-style so you spin off the saddle to the beat of the music – SO FUN!). Here, the fit force spills all her local favorites, from her top calorie-burners to her fave dish at True Food Kitchen…

Favorite time to workout…
Clearly mornings are a must because I’m on air in the evenings, but even when I’m not working, I prefer to get my workout done in the morning – whether it’s in the gym, on the spin bike or running outside. I love the energy it gives me to get through my very busy days. I don’t do well exercising in the afternoon or evenings – it throws me off!

Favorite calorie-burner…
My favorite workout is to get out and run a good 6-10 miles and get lost in myself and my music. BUT after 7 years of multiple marathons without any real time off in between, my body finally started to cry “uncle” last year, so I’ve had to scale back my long distance/competitive running. That’s why I’m ELATED that RPM Spin is open in my neighborhood now! Drop-saddle spin was my fitness obsession before I started running marathons. I taught for three years and LOVED it. To be back teaching drop-saddle again makes me so ecstatic. I get a natural high from leading a great class with riders who love the intense workout as much as I do.

Catherine Anaya
Catherine Anaya

Favorite local trainer…
My personal trainer Patty Wilson at Method Athlete in Scottsdale. She’s been training me 2 – 3 times a week for years, and what I love most about her is how she helps me build muscle and improve my flexibility by making each workout different – fun … but still intense. She knows her stuff! If I really want a butt-kicking, like I did for three months leading up to my recent wedding, I do Crossfit 480. Derek Kneadler had me doing things with my body I didn’t think were possible (Wall Walks, anyone?)! And If I want to clear the toxins and really stretch my muscles, I like all the instructors at Floo-id Yoga in Scottsdale. I appreciate getting a terrific hot yoga workout in one hour!

Favorite healthy restaurant…
True Food Kitchen… and my favorite dish is the Chicken Chopped salad. It’s hearty with cranberry, date, jicama and chicken, but good for you! I also love their Salmon Dip which I’ve been making at home: smoked salmon & greek yogurt in my Magic Bullet. I make the best kale/strawberry/blueberry/coconut water/ginger root drinks in my Magic Bullet, but we also bought a juicer and no one’s been able to top the juices my hubby makes with it.

Favorite healthy snack…
A piece of toasted spelt bread with either half an avocado on it, or almond butter with bananas on top. TO DIE FOR!!!!

Catherine at the 2012 Boston Marathon
Catherine at the 2012 Boston Marathon

Take Catherine’s spin class…
Catherine teaches at RPM Spin Saturdays at 10am and Sundays at 10:30am

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