5 Fitness Favorites: Andrea Jones


Andrea Jones, owner of Forza Power Training Studios

Andrea Jones is a fierce cycling instructor and TRX trainer – and the owner of Forza Power Training Studios. But don’t confuse cycling for spinning; the bikes at Forza are CycleOps, more like the real thing as the pedal power comes from you, not the momentum of some flywheel. So you’re working your butt off (literally). The studio also specializes in TRX (cycling paired with TRX = a serious muscle burn!). Here, the Silicon Valley securities lawyer turned gym owner spills on all her fitness favorites, from her top time to workout to a healthy use for leftover coffee grinds…

Favorite time to workout…
If I’m cycling, I definitely prefer early morning. I don’t have to think (as long as I’m not leading the class!); just follow the instructor’s cues. And I get a killer workout before I’m fully awake, so I’m not as painfully aware of how hard I’m working 🙂

Favorite local fitness instructor…
Susan Wood, who coincidentally coaches Forza’s early morning cycling classes, is tops in my book. Not only does she put together really effective training rides, but she’s a master at finding just the right music to inspire and motivate at just the right moment. We’re so lucky to have her teaching for us!

Andrea Forza leading the pack at Forza Power Training Studios

Andrea Jones leading the pack at Forza Power Training Studios

Favorite workout wear…
My favorite piece of workout clothing is a pair of Castelli cycling shorts. I guess the Pisces in me fell in love with them because the material has an iridescence that makes them look like mermaid scales. Of course, I wear a lot of lululemon like the rest of the world, but really wish they made cycling gear (they sponsor a women’s pro team, and said they were going to offer it, but I’m still holding my breath…)

Favorite healthy restaurant…
My favorite healthy restaurant is Essence Bakery Cafe in Tempe (they just opened a second location in Arcadia). They’re not advertised as a “healthy restaurant” – after all they make KILLER baked goods – but their savory breakfast and lunch menu offer all locally sourced meats and vegetables. Portions are not huge (just right) so you leave feeling satisfied, yet still indulged because everything there is so delicious.

Favorite healthy snack…
Does coffee count? I start every day with a caffe latte (iced in the summer and hot once it cools down). I make my own at home, so have a lot of coffee grounds lying around. Did you know you can use them as a body scrub? I read somewhere that the caffeine in the grounds also helps with cellulite. The whole process can be kind of a mess so best to do it in the shower. 🙂

Forza Power Training Studios specializes in CycleOps cycling and TRX

Forza Power Training Studios specializes in CycleOps cycling and TRX


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