5 Fitness Favorites: Amanda Coe

Amanda Coe, owner of The Exercise Coach, North Scottsdale
Amanda Coe, owner of The Exercise Coach, North Scottsdale

There’s a new way to workout in town: The Exercise Coach. What sets it apart is a combo of high-tech workout equipment plus one-on-one personal coaching. “The high-tech equipment uses your own body strength to create a customized workout and tracks your improvements in strength and cardio over time,” says Amanda Coe, owner of the North Scottsdale location. “And you achieve real results in just two, 20-minute total body workouts a week!” Amanda, who came to The Valley via Canada (the warm weather called her), was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2006, which caused her to be more aware of her body and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle – and ultimately jump from the financial world to the fitness world. Here, she shares all her fitness faves…

Favorite time to workout…

I’m not naturally an early morning person and prefer to workout mid- to late-morning. My body and brain are then ready to take on the challenge of my workout. After a workout, I tend to think more clearly and feel great.

Favorite exercise move…
My favorite exercise is the leg press at The Exercise Coach. In just this one exercise about 50% of my total muscle mass is involved, helping build strong, lean legs in less than 2 minutes per exercise. And, as a woman, bone density is important to me and this exercise specifically improves bone strength in the hips.

"My favorite healthy habit is eating enough protein on a daily basis"
“My favorite healthy habit is eating enough protein on a daily basis”

Favorite healthy habit
Protein, protein, protein! My favorite healthy habit is eating enough protein on a daily basis. Protein plays a critical role in muscle growth and muscle cell production, and is essential for proper hormone function and immune system health – plus it helps reduce body fat. I try to eat good food sources of protein, including meat, eggs, fish and seafood. For convenience, and to get enough protein daily (especially at critical times), I supplement with a high-quality protein powder. I mix it with unsweetened almond milk – and add organic cocoa powder to turn it into a chocolate shake! I have this every morning for breakfast and post-workout.

Favorite healthy restaurant…
Grabba Green in North Scottsdale is my new favorite healthy restaurant. They offer gluten-free, whole-food “to-go.” It’s great to have a place nearby our studio where I can pick up “fast-food” that’s 100% healthy.

Favorite workout wear…
I live in my yoga pants! My favorite brand is Zella from Nordstrom. The fit is great and the material is comfortable and top-quality. They’re also half the price of other similar yoga pant brands!

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