5 Vegan Myths Busted

I was clicking through websites one day when I stumbled on Kayli Wanders, a local wellness/beauty/travel blog by Kayli Schattner. The post I clicked on was all about Kayli’s month of going vegan. I’ve tossed the idea around myself, as I’m sure you have… but a pepperoni pizza always ends up talking me out of it. Still, I was curious about Kayli’s meatless/cheeseless adventures, especially the surprises. Here she debunks the biggest vegan myths of all. Over to you Kayli…

Myth: Eating vegan is bo-ring
Truth: Countless vegan recipes are just a click away
Stuck in a recipe rut? Try one of Carrie on Vegan’s delicious concoctions for a sure-to-please meal! Other go-to vegan recipe sites: Oh She Glows and Chloe’s Kitchen.

Myth: Going vegan is inconvenient
Truth: It just takes prep and planning

I’ve had many people tell me that they could never eat vegan, simply because it’s not convenient. My secret? I pre-make all my grains for the week on Sunday. I pre-make my oats for a quickie breakfast and I usually have a quinoa salad ready in the fridge for lunch.

Myth: It’s impossible to eat out
Truth: Eating out can be dee-licous!

Going vegan actually seemed quite easy to me, that is, until I was faced with eating out—luckily, the Phoenix area is super vegfriendly! The restaurant that changed it all for me: Green New American Vegetarian. From meals such as the “Big Wac” to the “No Harm Chicken Parm”, you’re in for a treat. Head to sister restaurant, Nami, next door, for some yummy vegan desserts!

Kayli indulges in a soy-nami of yumminess at Nami in Phoenix

Kayli indulges in a soy-nami of yumminess at Nami in Phoenix – yay for vegan ice cream!

Myth: Going vegan zaps your energy
Truth: My energy has spiked!

Instead of feeling lethargic after a big meal, I now feel light and energized. Just make sure you’re getting in all of the necessary nutrients (which you should be tracking anyways!) My suggestion: Talk with a nutritionist to help discover what’s right for your body. Everyone is different!

Myth: Vegan is all or nothing
Truth: Don’t be afraid to fall off the bandwagon
It’s not normal to wake-up one day and suddenly give up all your favorite foods. Start with what you feel is right for you. Does one meal a day sound more attainable? How about one meal a week? Meatless Monday’s are a great way to start! Just do you and don’t be afraid of falling off the vegan train and getting back on to ride it all over again—it’s all part of the journey.

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