5 Ways Pilates Can Elevate Your Yoga Practice

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1)Mat or Floor Exercises- The Pilates mat work is a very similar discipline to Vinyasa Yoga as there is an order and a progression of exercises to gradually warm up the spine and periphery muscles in both methods. Gravity aids and supports the body to condition you to find a neutral pelvis and a strong connection to your core muscles.


2) Universal Reformer-The springs on the reformer resist and assist to engage your core muscles in all planes of movement. On the reformer, this series is performed on a moving base, the carriage, to help give you feedback of how much energy you need to move the springs and facilitates muscular contraction of the shoulder girdle, legs and abdominals.


3) Cadillac-This Pilates apparatus includes the roll back bar, leg and arm springs, and a push thru-bar all designed to enhance strength, stretch, stability and stamina. Whether you need to stretch your spine with the roll/down back to improve your bow pose or stretch your hamstrings with the Pilates monkey to improve your triangle pose, you are covered.


4) High chair/Wunda chair-The chairs have springs that assist in exercises you may not be able to do otherwise or push you further than you could on your own. For example, you may not yet have the strength to lift your hips up into a handstand, but a great prep are pull-ups on the Wunda chair. The chairs have springs, handles and backboards that act like training wheels to target the right muscles to improve your form.


5) Barrels– Yoga is great for flexibility, but without the support of a barrel, some poses may cause unintended compression of the spine such as in all backhanding poses. Pilates incorporates the barrels to stretch tight shoulders, chest, hip flexors, hamstrings, low back and basically any muscle that is restricted.



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