Nia: Reclaiming the Joy of Movement!


By Betti Ahmed- Yoga Instructor at DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa 

When did moving in our bodies become such a chore? It seems as we grow older, we are either afflicted by traumas that cause limited mobility or we have gotten so busy that we think of our bodies as an afterthought. Thankfully, there has been a rise of fitness modalities that are not only fun but bring us back to our bodies. The Nia Technique does this with such grace and playfulness that you can’t help but smile by the end of class. Truly, the Joy of Movement is the underlying principle behind this practice and helps support the notion that “through movement we find health”.

So, what is Nia? This unique movement practice blends the expressiveness of dance, the strength and precision of the martial arts, and the stability and release of the healing arts (yoga and the Feldenkrais Method). Combining easy-to-follow movements and world music, Nia invites us to become more aware of our bodies moving in space.

We are empowered to choose our own intensity level, to change movements based on our needs, and to find comfort in our dancing community. By understanding the Body’s Way (the anatomical structure of the body) in correlation to the individual’s Body’s Way, we gain greater awareness of our strengths and opportunities to improve. I can guarantee you that a Nia class will make you sweat, laugh, push you outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly, it will reconnect you to your body, mind and spirit.

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