Mood Boosting Workouts!

I was recenlty on the TV Show The List talking about mood boosting workouts! Check out my tips and video below. You are only one workout away from a good mood!

When you are stressed I recommend taking a high intensity interval training class. Something thats going to get your heart rate up and endorphin’s kickin. Destress with this workout:

30 sec on / 10 sec off x4

Burpee box Jump

Russian Twists

Out-in Rope Slams

Toe to Bar

When you are feeling depressed take your workout outside and get some sunshine and vitamin D. Kick those blues goodbye with this workout along the canal or in the park:

30 sec Sprint

30 sec Squats

30 sec Push ups

30 sec Sit-ups

*Repeat as many rounds as possible

When you are feeling angry not so social, I recommend doing a intense strength workout. Blast your favorite music and focus on lifting heavy and getting a total body burn out. Check out this super set burnout and get in the zone:

2 Exercises -60 sec of each – 40 sec of each – 20 sec of each, then go on to next superset

Goblet Squats/Deadlifts

Pull ups/Push ups

V-ups/Russian Twist

Walking Lunges/Glute Raise

Curl + Press/Overhead Tricep Extension

Side Plank R/Side Plank L


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xoxo Nikki



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