How To Achieve Whatever You Want

Guest post by Carolyn Wellington

Everyone wants to be successful. 

Having the ability to get from where you are today to where you want to be is something most people dream about or desire. For others, it is not that easy. Some find success easy to achieve and talk about it quite freely, which can prevent some people from trying but can give others the confidence they need to keep pushing and driving forward.

Achieving success requires a combination of many factors: First, you have got to want it more than anyone else, desire it badly enough, make sacrifices, and wish it enough that you want to work for it.

Most importantly, you must have a great desire to make plans, put those plans into action, stay focused and be prepared to face the challenges and obstacles ahead; if not, you will fall at the first hurdle and struggle to get back up. Success brings a mountain of ups and downs, laughter and tears, good days and bad days. A road to success is never easy, and sometimes it can seem like a very lonely place. My question is, ‘are you prepared, are you ready?’

In my many years in the health and wellness industry, I have come across people that want something so badly but think that doing something once or twice will get them the results they desire or that knowing the right people or being in the right place at the right time will get them there. Having the right people around you can help, but that is not the key. That privilege lies in your hands and yours alone.

So, what do you have to do? Here are a few things to try:

If you have listened to my health and wellness radio show, The Perfect Balance on Elastic FM, every Monday you will hear that I regularly speak about the number one thing you need to be able to achieve anything in life, no matter how big or small ‘a positive mindset.’

1. Develop a positive mindset

Without this, you are not going to achieve anything. Positivity is the key to achieving your dreams, desires, or goals. A positive mindset is one of the best tools you must have to help build confidence and self-belief. Negative thoughts will continuously hold you back, creating many barriers and obstacles, holding you back and causing you to quit because you do not seem to be able to move past a certain point in life or situation. It is time to leave all that behind and focus on you and who you want to be. The past is the past and has no place in your future adventures. Also, this is the time to use all that past negative stuff to help you grow and become stronger. Facing your challenges and overcoming them can have a more positive impact on you and everything around you. It also helps with your emotions, your thoughts and future planning.

It’s essential to warm up your mind before you embark on your quest to achieve anything. The question is, how do you prepare your mind?

Physical exercise is a great start. Not only is working out great for the body and mind, but it also helps to clear your head of all the clutter that might potentially slow you down.

Studies show that a simple 15-minute session can clear your mind and put you in a better state of mind to perform, allowing you to focus on the positive. When you unleash the power of your mind, anything is possible.

2. Decide what you want in life

To achieve even the smallest of things, you must set a goal. Goals must be well defined; you have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are losing weight, focus on a specific number that you want to weigh.

To achieve even the smallest of things, you must set a goal. Goals must be well defined; you have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are losing weight, focus on a specific number that you want to weigh.

  • Do not just say you want to be ‘fit or lose weight.’ Clarify your goals by giving a start and end date, helping to provide a visual representation of your success. Unless you know what you want, it will be challenging to achieve it. So, it is imperative to take time to map out your plan and visualise the result.

3. Have fun on your journey

So, you are working on your positive mindset, setting your goals. That is all great, but you must also enjoy the journey. Many people fail to achieve the things they want or desire because it all becomes monotonous and dreary. Even though you must work to achieve it is also about mixing it up, finding that work/life balance, and enjoying time with family and friends. Making time for yourself and having fun along the way is a definite must for everyone.

When you have fun, things become more manageable, making achieving your goals much more straightforward and planning easier. Allocating time for work and yourself makes working towards your dream enjoyable. You also can see how far you have come when you step away now and again.

4. Remove all distractions

Having set a goal, you must stay focused. Becoming distracted, you will begin to lose sight of your destination. Distractions are enjoyable at the time but can become disruptive to your end goal. Having a plan and schedule will keep you on track and focused.

  • Take some time to write down a list of things that could waste your time on your journey. Then use that list to keep you focused on achieving your goal. If possible, have a backup list of ways to overcome distractions.

Something will eventually get in the way, so it’s good to have a plan to help you handle it.

5. Understand that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel 

Whatever you are trying to achieve, someone may already be successful at it, so do not try and reinvent the wheel, study the business and learn! If they have succeeded, walk in their footsteps and add your spin on things. Try adapting the things they do to make it work for you. I always say to my clients, be yourself, and do not try to copy anyone else. Your personality makes you who you are.

  • If you watch closely how someone else handles a situation or creates something, use the basics of what they do, saving you a lot of time and trouble.
  • If you want to be successful, you must set goals and accept it is not an easy road. It can become lonely sometimes, but it is easier to achieve your goals once you know others have done the same.
  • My motto is “watch, listen and learn.”

When you focus on yourself and give one hundred per cent to yourself and what you’re aiming for, you will find that little things start to fall into place. There are some steps you need to be aware of during this process: 

  • Find some way of recording your progress, for example, a journal. 
  • Always reflect and appreciate the work you have done to get to where you are. 
  • Praise and reward yourself for the milestones you set along the way. 
  • Remember, this is your journey. Not everyone will understand or even be interested. 
  • When you stumble, get back up, brush yourself down and start again. Hold your head high and be proud of what you are doing. 
  • The only person you compete with is yourself, no one else!

I set myself a goal many years ago, and slowly it has come to fruition. A move to Phoenix and being named a Brand Ambassador for Arizona Foothills is one of my finest achievements to date.

There have been times when it all went wrong when I cried and got frustrated. I still have days like that, but I know that to get to where I want to be, I must be true to myself, stay focused and ensure I have a great support network around me. People who may not understand but are encouraging and willing to give you that pat on the back and say, “keep going you are doing great.” That alone will always pull you through when times get tough.

So, the main question is, do you have a goal and are you ready to be successful?

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