HMNKIND ~ The Softest Face Mask You Will Ever Own

With so many masks now on the market, how do you pick the right one for you? It all starts with proper protection that keeps you safe and doesn’t irritate your skin.

Look for ones that have been tested for their effectiveness and that beauty experts wear themselves.

Turn to HMNKIND for the best reusable masks! Feel good knowing that these masks have been clinically tested by two different labs for their antimicrobial properties!

They are 99.9 percent antibacterial, have above normal quality standards for viral and particle filtration, and UV protection (amazing for skin cancer patients); plus, they’re designed with the material used by the Korean beauty industry. It’s a second-skin-like fit!

The HMNKIND performance mask is 99.9 percent antibacterial, 99.9 percent UV blocking, features a 4-way stretch, and is buttery soft. Reusable, recyclable, beautiful. 

Eight colors are available, each priced at $28, with sizes ranging from extra small (for kids) to large.

At-A-Glance Features:

  • Made of patented antibacterial fabric designed not to dry out or irritate the skin 
  • Breathable material and more protective than a cotton mask 
  • Protective for viral and particle filtration based on independent testing 
  • Four-way stretch ear straps for ease of wear 
  • Hand wash and hang dry. Quicker dry time compared to cotton masks 
  • Easy to store – Roll it up or fold it away so you can keep it handy 
  • Maintains color and shape wear after wear
  • The masks are multi-use and can be recycled
  • Modern and sleek looking for professional meetings while also athletic and casual for taking a hike or running around town
  • 10 percent of all sales will go to fight racial injustice and systemic racism by supporting the nonprofit, Color of Change

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I get offered to try face masks all the time, but HMNKIND is by FAR the best one’s I’ve worn. They are super soft, easy to clean, and don’t make my chin break out with “maskne.”

All you have to do is either throw it in the wash or have it placed under running hot water for a minute or two, and it’s brand new. My roommates even love that makeup residue comes off in a matter of seconds. If you want a mask that fits perfectly on your face and you don’t even notice it. HMNKIND is for you!

– Tyler Hollis, Communications Director for
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