Happy Father’s Day-Do you have LOW testosterone!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads’ out there!!! I wanted to target the men with this article because I do work with a lot of men and there is a very common question I get on a pretty regular basis.

How do I increase my testosterone? How does having low testosterone affect my health?

Testosterone levels decline naturally as men age, similar to the decline of the female hormone estrogen in women. This decline in testosterone and the symptoms it causes have sometimes been referred to as “male menopause.” The gradual decline in testosterone due to aging can cause you to have less frequent erections and a decreased sex drive, but it’s not normal for aging men to completely lose interest in sex. I also for men, age isn’t the only the thing that causes a decrease in testosterone…sometimes diet and other factors can come into play.


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Symptoms of Low Testosterone

DEPRESSION: Many studies find that men with low testosterone were four times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression.

LACK OF ENERGY:Low testosterone is also linked to low energy. If you find that your energy has been declining, don’t just blame it on long hours at work: It could be a sign of low testosterone.

 DECREASED STRENGTH: Testosterone also plays a role in muscle mass, so if you have decreased strength or endurance but haven’t changed your workout regime, it could be a sign of decreased testosterone.

 OTHER ISSUES: Testosterone levels can be impacted by other health conditions, most notably obesity, type 2 diabetes, and thyroid issues, so if you suffer from one or more of these, you might also have issues with low testosterone.

If you think you might have low testosterone, ask your doc to perform the blood tests necessary.  Your doctor will want to make sure your low testosterone is not caused by medications you are taking or by a disease or condition that needs to be treated. If you and your doctor decide that you should try medication to treat low testosterone, remember that a healthy lifestyle including a healthy weight, not smoking, limited alcohol, and regular exercise are also important for managing testosterone levels.


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