FREE Run Club at BODI!


“You don’t have to go fast…you just have to GO!”

Join the BODI Run Club Saturdays @ 8:30am. It’s FREE and it’s AWESOME! This running club is for everyone who wants a little help finding their inner runner and also for those of you who have already found it and are looking for a few more friends to hit the pavement with!

The Run Club is split into 3 different groups

Beginning Runners – Haven’t really ever been a runner, but looking to start slow and build up to your first 5k Fun Run!

Intermediate Runners – You run every now and then and potentially are looking to start your training for a half marathon in the not so far off future!

Advanced Runners – Serious runners who are looking towards marathon training as well as new training partners.

Run Club meets at BODI and runs along the canal. Grab your friends and sign up at




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