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As a life coach and sports remedial therapist, working in the health and wellness industry for many years, I am approached daily asking to assist individuals with their eating patterns, help with wellbeing and fitness. To me, they all the same thing. When we talk about general health, it covers everything. 

So where does it start becoming a healthier you, a better version of you? The best you!

Of course, it starts at the beginning. It begins with you, your mindset, passion for change, craving to feel better within yourself, to realize the confidence you have been trying to find for such a long time. Guess what? It has been with you all this time. Time to release it, release the inner queen or king. He or she has been lying dormant far too long. Are you ready to dig deep and be the person you have always wanted to be?

There is no right time to start. The time is when you are ready to step up and realize that there is so much more about yourself that you do not see, but you know it is there. There comes a time in life when you must make a change. The change should not come from fear, bullying, or pressure; it should come from your greater understanding of whom you want to be, your path ahead, your destiny. 

We all deserve to look good, feel good and shine with the satisfaction that we have given our best, given 100%

A Healthy Mindset

The body and mind work together. Whatever the mind thinks, the body reacts. When thoughts are full of negativity, your body will respond accordingly. One thing to remember, never forget about your mental health on your journey to a healthier, fitter you. So, how do you achieve mental wellbeing?

Firstly, start by believing in yourself. You have the power to become who you want to be, becoming more radiant and healthier. Never allow self-doubt to get the better of you; embrace who you are, treat yourself to some self-love and self-care because you deserve it.

Have a purpose in life, a passion, a goal, something that has meaning and will help guide you through life. A great way to start is by looking at the choices and decisions you make and their impact on your life.

Set Your Goal

Having a goal gives focus; every step towards your goal is a mini achievement. Your goal should be realistic and achievable. Make it something you are passionate about that will enhance your life.

A goal becomes your vision that you breathe, sleep and live daily. How will it feel when you achieve it? Feel and visualise that moment.

Keep Moving

Keep on moving is the message in this current climate. 

COVID-19 has managed to demotivate us all, as the gyms closed and the social aspect of living became limited. It is essential to keep moving. Remember, what the mind thinks the body reacts to. Go for a nice walk, a gentle jog. If you are not an outdoor person, try dancing around the house; there are many ways to get those 10,000 steps a day in.

The idea is to get the heart and lungs working a little bit harder, generate more energy and create pleasure within yourself.

Stop Unhealthy Snacking

Oh no, the dreaded pounds. Are you an unhealthy snacker?

As you leap into Spring, realising how many extra pounds you have inherited over the past months, it is time to start shedding those unwanted tummy rolls. How do you start?

Firstly, let me say, DO NOT just throw away all the candy and unhealthy snacks stashed away in cupboards and drawers because you will only start to crave them the minute they have gone.

Start slowly by reducing your intake and eating times. Begin to distract yourself by starting a hobby or walking, especially if you are a compulsive snacker.

A few tips to help you get started:

  • Stop stocking up on the wrong foods.
  • Never go food shopping when you are hungry (a disaster waiting to happen). Go with a well-thought shopping list and stick to it.
  • Plan and prepare your meals the day before or at the beginning of the week.
  • Bulk cook, cook for a few days at a time.
  • Cut down on your sugar intake – cakes, biscuits, candy and the hidden sugars in processed foods and ready meals.

Drink More

Water, water everywhere. 

Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. How much water do you drink throughout the day? Try taking a glass or two of water instead of reaching for the cookies and biscuits. If you know that you have had a plentiful meal about an hour ago, there is a good chance that you are just thirsty. Water also great for the skin.

Check out my article on water The Importance of Water for Your Health by Carolyn Wellington (arizonafoothillsmagazine.com)

Some easy tips:

  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • When you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water before reaching for a snack. 

Sleep Better

How well do you sleep?

The body struggles to function without adequate sleep. Sleep is just as crucial as healthy eating, exercise, water intake and general health and wellbeing. 

 The quality of your sleep directly affects how well you feel and react through the day, having a massive impact on productivity, emotions, creativity, thought process and reaction to all sorts of things you come across during your day and even your weight. Good quality sleep brings so many benefits.

  • Improves concentration.
  • Helping maintain a healthy weight.
  • Supports your mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Reduces your stress levels.
  • Keeping the immune system strong.
  • Helping you make better decisions.

On average adults, sleep less than seven hours per night. You may feel that you can operate on seven hours or less but, getting an hour or two more would feel even better, helping you function more effectively.

Most adults need seven or eight hours of sleep. For those that struggle to sleep for that length of time, daytime naps are good.

Lack of sleep can bring on some huge negatives to your daily lifestyle, for example:

  • Irritability, moody quick-tempered and emotional.
  • Can escalate stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Fatigue, causing a lack of motivation and creativity.
  • Premature aging.
  • Low concentration and memory problems.
  • Difficulty in decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Lack of enthusiasm may lead to bad lifestyle choices.
  • Weakened immune system causing frequent colds, flu and illness.
  • Weight gain.
  • Low sex drive and possible related problems.
  • Poor coordination and balance, making you prone to accidents and falls.
  • May increase blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
  • Inadequate sleep may cause higher blood sugar levels and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you struggle with sleep, try these top tips to help get you back on track:

  • Try to get into a regular sleep pattern by going to bed when you feel tired and wake up at the same time.
  • Avoid afternoon naps if possible.
  • If you are lying awake at night and unable to sleep, get up and do something relaxing and then go back to bed when you feel sleepy.
  • Create a nice restful space. Make your bedroom a place of relaxation and peace.
  • Create your spa by running yourself a nice luxurious bath using essential oils and nicely scented candles.
  • Discuss with your holistic therapist the essential oils best suited to you.
  • Leave your worries at the door, set aside sometime before bedtime, write them down and make a to-do list for the next day.
  • Practise some yoga or gentle exercise early evening (not too close to bedtime)
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol near bedtime.
  • Listen to gentle music, meditate, or pray to help create your relaxing environment.
  • Turn your television off or remove it from your bedroom. Turn off your phone or put it on ‘do not disturb.’
  • Make sure your bedroom is cool to prevent you from overheating and a restless night.
  • Clean, fresh bedding (always works)

Sleep is key to a healthier and more motivated YOU.

For your general health and wellbeing, all the above features are essential, as they all benefit one another, giving the overall feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Remember to take your time and start slowly. It is not a race. Consistency is the key, a little each day. Soon you will be on the road to a new brighter you, a healthier you.

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  1. Love this article. Its amazing how the mind really works, but you as the individual can only make it work. The first step is always the hardest but putting your mind to it will make you achieve your goal. X

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