Different types of Gyms and Gym Goers


In this day and age gyms have become very mainstream. They are everywhere – very close together, like grocery stores.

First off, let’s talk about different types of gym goers.

There are 3 types of gym goers:

  1. Pay a monthly fee but don’t go to the gym
  2. Pay monthly fee and frequents they gym here and there
  3. And then there are those that got to a gym that want to be pushed to get in better shape

…and there are different types of gyms that appeal to all these types.

Different types of gyms :


  • lots of toys to choose from, some Big Box gyms have a lot of weight and cardio machines, with very few free weights (low cost).
  • Some Big Box gyms have more free weights (dumbbells, bars, etc..) less weight machines and less cardio equipment (low cost).
  • Some Big Box gyms look like a country club – beautiful with a nice selection of fitness solutions (high cost).
  • Some of these gyms have spa options, massages, and facials.

2. Smaller/Boutique Gyms

  • Then there are smaller and more personal gyms which are growing in popularity. They offer small group classes. Some say 2 – 20 minute workouts a week will get you in shape? Some are very competitive, such as you crossfit. Some have more risk of injuries due to heavy and sometimes improper lifting.

3….and then there is Amenzone DC Ranch. Amenzone DC ranch is a Hybrid gym that offers DIVERSITY in all fitness options.

Classes and Personal training at Amenzone DC Ranch offers the following:

  • A unique, challenging classes (You will never be bored!)
  • No heavy lifting
  • Use your own body weight in a more functional (real life) training positions
  • Offer a positive and supportive fitness community
  • You are somebody with a name at Amenzone DC Ranch, not just another transaction.

Come and try a FREE Week of unlimited classes! PLUS a FREE 30 minute consultation AND 2 FREE 30 min personal training session for you and a friend!!..FREE? What do you have to lose?

JD “Gov’nor” Durso / B.S. Exercise Science / Co- Owner and operator of Amenzone DC Ranch / www.amenzonedcranch.com / 602-373-3781 cell

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