Detox Diary: My 2-Day Juice Cleanse

The Juby True Juices taste as yum-licious as they look!
The Juby True Juices taste as yum-licious as they look!
The Juby True Juices taste as yum-licious as they look!

Full disclosure: I’m not exactly a juice cleanse cheerleader. I believe our bodies have built-in detoxifiers and don’t require “cleansing.” In other words, if we fill our bodies with the right food, they detox just fine on their own. But my friend Alicia changed my mind. She did a Naturopath recommended detox and I could see the difference – she lost a TON of weight, her skin went from glowy to superglowy, and she cured her allergies. Hmmm… maybe juice cleanses really do give the digestive system a much-needed break and our bodies a much-needed re-boot. My skepticism turned into curiosity, so I signed up for a 2-day Juby True Juice Cleanse (6 juices plus a “booster” per day). And here’s how my 2-days of sipping (almost) nothing but juices went down:

DAY 1:
7am: I toast the kick-off with a morning shot of Body Karate. Not to be confused with a bar shot, this immune-boosting elixir contains orange, sibu, ginger, lemon, astragalus and nettle oil. Sounds weird, but tastes delish!

8am: I scoop some Greek yogurt topped with cranberries and sliced almonds for the kiddos and go to lick the spoon… but screech to a halt. Mindless eating (almost) strikes again. A nibble here and a nibble there can add up (to love handles). But the juice cleanse temporarily put a stop to that.

10am: I’m on my 3rd cup of herbal tea… almost as good as coffee!

12pm: Did Nancy Ferraro’s Flow class at Urban Yoga followed by Juby True’s Pressed Kale-Aid, a cold-pressed juice packed with nutrients!

3pm: Two juices later and I’m surprisingly not hungry. No hunger pangs or killer cravings. Could it be true that when you give your body the nutrients it needs, your body stops lusting for junk? Or maybe it’s that I’m super-hydrated. Either way, no complaints!

5pm: OMG loving the Reset Button, a hydrating combo of apple, celery, lemon and jalapeño. Who knew drinking jalapeno could be so yummmmmm! And next I get a kale & quinoa salad!

7pm: They definitely saved the best for last – a comb of almond milk, dates and cinnamon that tastes like dessert in a glass.

10pm: Sound asleep, the earliest I’ve been in bed in ages.

Juby True at Scottsdale Quarter
Juby True at Scottsdale Quarter

DAY 2:
7am: Kicked the day off with a Cider Slider, a “boost” of organic apple cider vinegar, a digestive tonic and tummy flattener. Six juices to go!

11am: Drinking herbal tea at The Henry, but boy does that coffee smell good (did my sense of smell improve?). Proud to say I bypassed the TDF pastries with barely a second glance. Wow, discipline is empowering!

1pm: Just finished the 11:45 Orangetheory class. You’re not really supposed to attempt the gym while detoxing, especially a high-intensity interval class like OT, but I figure this is a good cheat. Now I’m sipping a Golden Child (pineapple, pear, golden beet)… is it just me or are the juices getting sweeter. Or maybe my taste buds are a-changin.

4pm: Two juices to go and I’m surprisingly not a food-crazed, hangry beast. Could this cleanse be helping to reset my eating habits? Hope so. And my teeth feel cleaner.

7pm: Cleaned the entire house. Funny how much extra time you have when you’re not prepping/cleaning up after meals.

8pm: It just dawned on me that I haven’t had any treats, let alone “solid” food for 2 days. Usually I’d be munching in front of the TV right now, but instead I’m sipping my last juice of the cleanse.

Day 3:
7am: The detox may be over, but I decided to start my day with a shot of apple cider vinegar… and skip the coffee for today. No, I’m not swearing off a diet of solid foods, but that 2-day break shone a much-needed spotlight on some of my bad habits (namely late-night binging) and the cleanse made me take back control of my food intake. I’m in charge of my nutrition… hear me roar!

Lots of juices to choose from....
Lots of juices and “boosts” to choose from….
  1. Running a food blog makes doing a juice cleanse seem impossible, but I have ALWAYS wanted to try one. I think you may have just convinced me!

  2. If you can make whole wheat pasta from scratch, you can definitely do a juice cleanse – that takes willpower!

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