5 Things Smart Athletes Know About Pilates

Have you ever noticed that some athletes, like Olympians for instance, seem to have a superhuman ability to maintain their edge? Of course, even top athletes really are human. Like you, they fear injury, they become frustrated with poor performance, and they get depressed by their recovery time. So, how do athletes stay in the game?

Fortunately, Pilates for athletes provides solutions to these problems and frustrations, and it can help you, too. But how is Pilates for athletes special?

1. Pilates Strengthens Athletic Performance

Every Pilates exercise begins at the center of the body – the core. Affectionately called the “powerhouse” in the Pilates Method, the core stretches through your torso from your shoulders to your hips. Strong body alignment and centering originates in your “powerhouse.”

2. Pilates Increases Power and Confidence

Is a nagging injury keeping you sidelined from your favorite activity? There’s nothing like searing back pain to deflate your confidence and rob you of your power to perform. Even an injured toe can take an athlete down for the count. Use Pilates to help you stay in the game!

3. Pilates Engages Breathing Techniques

We all know how to breathe, right? Chances are most of us are doing it incorrectly. Most of us hold our breath under stressful conditions and many of us fail to take even a few deep breaths throughout our day, robbing our bodies of much-needed fresh oxygen.

The Pilates breath technique requires you to inhale deeply as you extend your spine and limbs, and exhale completely as you flex your spine and limbs. Breathe with your entire powerhouse and fire up your whole body!

4. Pilates Coordinates Strength and Mobility

Do you want to run faster but find yourself tripping over your feet? Do you want to be stronger, or more flexible? Disaster can strike without the balance between strong muscles and mobile joints.

5. Pilates Reduces Recovery Time

Chronic pain can be extremely frustrating. When you’re plagued with a healing treatment that drags on and on, you may find yourself getting depressed that you can’t perform as you once did in the field or in the gym. You feel valuable training time slipping by with each rest day. You fear you may never regain your performance or even more importantly, your joy. The balance, breathing, and coordination you learn with Pilates empowers you to calmly move through these discomforts with less risk of injury.

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