5 Surprising People Who Can Benefit From Yoga

Yoga is so much more than pretzel poses
Yoga is so much more than pretzel poses

I often walk out of yoga class feeling light and enlightened. That’s what happened after Kate Malloy’s class at Mountainside Fitness Pavilions. Yes, the class itself was a learning experience – I learned how to really hone in on my hips and finally get them to open up – but it was my chat with Kate after class that was the real eye opener. Kate, a 3-time marathon runner, found yoga after a running injury. She was 45. Two years later, she’s now a certified yoga teacher with a passion that shines through with every vinyasa. It takes a lot of courage to take up a new sport in your 40s and even more to decide to teach it. Kudos to you Kate!

Injury-ridden runners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from regularly hitting the yoga mat. Here, Kate tells us the people who can most benefit from the age-old practice:

Running addicts…
As a runner, I pushed myself through pain and injury, and I’m still paying for it. Yoga gives you that running high and more. It made me look at everything differently and made me think of my body from the inside out. It’s truly transformative.

People who sit at their computers all day…
Prolonged sitting can shorten the front hip muscles and cause compression in your lower spine. Yoga takes the muscles and expands them, and can build core strength to help counter low back pain.

Yoga can counter all that office sitting
Yoga can counter all that office sitting

Type A personalities
Yoga encourages you to reconnect with the breath, and reinforces that mind-body connection. It forces people to slow down and be present in discomfort instead of just powering through it.

I always encourage people to balance their workouts with yoga or stretching, especially those doing repetitive movements in a forward motion (like cycling and running). This can create muscular imbalances and lead to overuse injuries.

And the guys…
Inflexible men often steer clear of yoga because they’re more comfortable with activities they’re good at. But yoga is so much more than pretzel poses; it builds balance and strength, gives you a long healthy spine and is something you can do your whole life.

Kate Malloy, yoga teacher at Mountainside Fitness Pavilions
Kate Malloy, yoga teacher at Mountainside Fitness Pavilions
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