Hemp-Infused Iced Tea, Drink For Joy, Allows For Balance in 2021

What more than our health is there to feel grateful for this pandemic year, right? The stress of whether to risk visiting with loved ones can hurt anyone’s health, physically or mentally. 

Drink For Joy provides a hemp-infused tea that can bring your wellness back to a neutral place, so you can pursue the healthiest choices for you! 

The marriage of tea and the marijuana plant is a natural recipe that’s filled with benefits. Drink For Joy offers tasty, refreshing, “just-like-your-grandma-used-to-make” (but without the loaded sugar) iced teas infused with high-quality hemp.

Free of any artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and natural flavoring, the teas are a whole product that is beneficial, not just the CBD part.

Active lifestyles, fitness moguls, and health-conscious folks are looking into the benefits of CBD products, that is how Drink For Joy’s owners fell in love with how CBD products made them feel.

They started making the tea for themselves and quickly saw how popular the beverage was among their friends and family. 

After months of trial and error, the company created a custom recipe they loved, pouring their passion for CBD into every glass of tea.

The ingredients are simple – water, a little organic cane sugar, black tea, citric acid, and organic hemp extract; for their flavored teas, they simply added real fruit puree and extracts.

Blended together, it’s a natural beverage with calming benefits that tastes delicious! There are now three flavors:

All flavors are independently tested for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents. (Price: $48.00 per case of six 14 oz. bottles).

Reach for a calmer, more balanced beverage with no caffeine crash!

About Drink for Joy:
Based in San Francisco, Drink For Joy is on a mission to spread joy to as many people as possible with a clean and simple hemp-infused tea line that is free of artificial and natural flavoring as well as zero and low-calorie sweeteners.

It’s a whole product that is beneficial, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and other common ailments. Follow them on Instagram @drinkforjoy.

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