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high-octane spinning in action!

I spent Wednesday night hanging with Todd and T-Last in a dark room pulsating with Taylor Swift and Prince tunes. Can you guess where I was? If you said spin class, give yourself a high five. Todd is Todd Shuler, a super duper spin teacher with a hard-core following of tight and toned indoor cycling enthusiasts. T-Last is a spin-tastic DJ who can somehow make poppy Selena Gomez beats cool. And the dark room is CoreBalance, a newish studio in Arcadia that offers up a hip mix of yoga, barre, spin and fusion classes.

This is not your ordinary spin class. Yes, having a real live DJ sets it apart (T-Last is the first in the Valley to specialize in spin). Todd is also a standout, a born motivator with oodles of Southern charm who made me whirl way faster than usual thanks to his encouraging banter (“can I get a Whoot Whoot?”). He’s the type of teacher who makes a sweat session fun, upbeat and high energy; the opposite of a “work” out. No wonder regulars follow him from class to class. And then there are the bikes. CoreBalance boasts RealRyder ABF8, the mac daddy of indoor spin bikes. These bad boys aren’t your usual stationary spinners; they’re full-tilt meaning they move from side to side. They’re way more like an actual road bike (you can actually lean into your curves) and you get a much more dynamic workout. My legs were screaming, my triceps were burning and my core got worked to the core. More muscles used = more calories burned!

The class was completely booked, which is commonplace. I signed up a full week in advance and there were already slots reserved. Ditto for Todd’s Monday and Saturday class. This really is the hottest spin ticket in town.

Check out the cool bikes

Check out the cool bikes

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