6 Ways to Rev up Your Workout

Has your workout gone into hibernation? It happens. You get busy… bored… frustrated… and the next thing you know a week or two has passed without a sweat session in sight. We’ve all been there, even Rebecca Yzaguirre, Pilates instructor at DC Ranch Village. Thankfully, she has 6 easy ways to bust out of your workout rut and you’ll have a blast doing them.

1. Try a new class – If you belong to a club that has a variety of classes, look at the schedule and highlight the classes that look interesting. Then schedule them in! Try to do one new class a week.

2. Be open-minded – Are you that person that says “I’d be horrible at yoga” or “Men don’t do Pilates”? There are definitely stereotypes for every class, but stereotypes are often wrong. Take Pilates. I’ve heard people say it’s too easy or feminine or like a ballet class, but it’s none of those things. It’s total body conditioning.

3. Cross train – It’s not unusual to get comfortable doing one thing, like tennis or running. But when you only do one thing you can be more prone to injury. Changing it up in ballet barre or yoga or weight training class can pay off in dividends.

4. Sign up for an event – When I signed up for a half-marathon, it made me run consistently and made me push myself further and further. I’ve never run that much in my life. I gave myself plenty of time to get ready for it, cross-trained with Pilates and was raring to go by race day.

5. Find photo inspiration – When I did fitness competitions, I posted a photo of a swimsuit model on my fridge for motivation to eat healthy foods.  Everyone needs something better to strive for, and since most of us are visual, a picture works great!  It’s a constant reminder of all the little things you need to do to get to the end result.

6. Get back to the basics – Yes, you can push yourself to go to a more advanced class to see what your potential is. But on the other end of the spectrum is to go back to the basics. Fine-tuning your basics can often help you do the more advanced moves to reach the next level.

Rebecca Yzaguirre

Rebecca Yzaguirre

Rebecca Yzaguirre holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. As well as teaching Pilates at DC Ranch Village, she’s a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.

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