Sexy Stylish Sweats!

Today, a fashion confessional: I wear workout clothes WAY too much. Yes, I wear them at the gym (duh!), but also to the grocery store… and shopping… heck, I’d wear them to happy hour if I could… and I can!!! Sweats are in – and they just got a whole lot sexier and more stylish! Here are my top picks from fashionable fleece-y bottoms to trendy tops (heels optional)…

Vegan Leather Sweats – need I say more?

This top rocks my world! Pair it with jeans or… Vegan Leather Sweats

Love the slouch, the camo color and the stylish silhouette

Slap a tiger on it and I go to fashion mush

Fitted cuffs + pockets + drawstring + side panel = oh so fashionable


A little metallic bedazzling goes a long way on this sweatshirt – adds edge and fashion flair

If I had to pick one pair of pants to wear the rest of my life, my choice is easy…

Local company with oodles of stylish yoga-inspired duds – great to throw on after a workout of for a juice run.

These marled-knit bottoms are the epitome of cozy chic




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