5 Fitness Favorites: Stephanie Sandoval & Carlos Monge

Stephanie Sandoval & Carlos Monge

Stephanie Sandoval & Carlos Monge

TV gal Stephanie Sandoval and her husband Carlos Monge just opened the new and improved Body By Design Personal Training Studio in Ahwatukee. Carlos is a bar-none trainer with a fabulously fit following, including Stephanie, his biggest cheerleader. The new space is bigger and better, and even has childcare (wohoo!). Here, Stephanie and Carlos give you an inside look into their fitness faves, from Stephanie’s “torture” sessions to Carlos’ favorite 380-calorie restaurant meal (for real!)….

Favorite calorie-burner…
: Rope workouts are incredible and I like to combine them with resistance training and a solid incline workout on the treadmill. If your heart rate doesn’t continually increase, you’re not working hard enough to improve cardiovascular conditioning.
Stephanie: I love a good run. I’ve been a runner since high school and still enjoy taking off on a cool morning for a neighborhood run. I ran a marathon and would love to train again someday! In the summer I’ll switch to a treadmill. But if my hubby is training me then he ‘tortures’ me with his incline treadmill workout!?

Favorite time to workout (am/pm)…
Carlos: Up and at ’em in the morning is the best way to go in my book! You’re on empty calories so you go straight into fat-burning mode. And you set your mind in motion for healthy eating choices throughout the day, too!
Stephanie: My favorite time to work out is mid-morning. I like to get the day started with my little guys and then workout at 10am, just in time to make a good lunch choice. But, if it means a late workout or no workout, I’ll do an afternoon workout! Whatever it takes to get done!

Favorite healthy restaurant…
: Knowing where to find healthy meals that are quick and convenient helps me stick to clean eating. I get the Chipotle chicken salad with black beans, pico de gallo, red spicy salsa and no dressing – only 380 calories. Sometimes I’ll add in guacamole, understanding that it’s an additional 250 calories. I also recommend that my clients check nutritional information when they’re dining out.
Stephanie: Carlos and I love our friends at Z-Tejas in Chandler! And we both love the Grilled Cilantro-Pesto Rubbed Ruby Trout with steamed veggies (the avocado mango relish is amazing!). It’s delish and under 550 calories!

Favorite way to de-stress…
Prayer is a huge part of my life. I pray several times a day and enjoy listening to contemporary Christian music while I workout… gets me in the zone. Aside from that, the easiest way for me to de-stress is to go to a matinee on Friday afternoons after I’m done training clients. A little escape from the heavy lifting, long hours at Body by Design with no wife, no kids… just me and my Diet Coke and a protein bar.
Stephanie: I manage my stress with prayer and reading a daily devotional in the morning. (I’m reading Jesus Calling right now by Sarah Young.) That really starts my day with fresh perspective. Then, to relax and enjoy a little “me” time, I enjoy going out to lunch or dinner with some girlfriends. It allows me to talk and laugh and share stories, which helps me feel balanced in life with my faith, my family and my friends!

Favorite post-exercise eat…
: I drink a protein shake (whey protein powder and water) right after a workout because you have a 30-minute window where your body absorbs the protein most efficiently. That starts your body’s recovery a lot sooner.
Stephanie: Immediately after a workout I reach for a protein shake with roughly 25 grams of whey protein, just a few grams of sugar and low carbohydrates. It fills me up so I can get to the next meal without being tempted to eat comfort foods or sweets that will “undo” what I just accomplished in my workout.

The new and improved Body by Design

Now that’s what I call a gym!

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