Thirsty Thursday: How To Order Brunch Drinks

by: Amanda Savage

Mother’s Day and brunch seem to just go together, like dates and movies. It just works. Mimosas, Bloody Marys and fresh fruit cocktails are the drinks of choice. Although, they always seem to taste different no matter where you go. It’s amazing how different a Bloody Mary can taste from one place to the next with the addition of or lack-of one ingredient.

We consulted some of Scottsdale’s best brunch spots — Au Petit Four, II Terrazzo and the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain— to find out how to make the ‘perfect’ brunch drink. This Mother’s Day make sure mom’s drinks come out perfect,  order like a pro.

The Mimosa – Au Petit Four

At French bakery and cafe Au Petit Four, owner and manager Catherine Berraud-Dufour sticks to a classic, the Mimosa. “It is a very easy drink, casual for the weekend.” There are many variations of the Mimosa, but Berraud-Dufour’s favorite is made with Tropicana orange juice and Paul Cheneau Cava sparkling wine.


Orange juice
Sparkling wine


Au Petit Four

7217 E. 4th Avenue


The Perfect Bloody Mary – II Terrazzo

Jared Sowinski, a member of the beverage team at The Phoenician explains that there are many variations to the classic brunch drink. “You can order multiple adaptations of the classic, based on what liquor you like, and you can order the drink to your liking for flavor. It also pairs great with food, from the salty, to the sweet or spicy.”

Basic Ingredients:

Tomato Juice
Lime Juice
Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper
Worcestershire Sauce

Sowinski explains that how your order the Bloody Mary will change the flavor of the drink dramatically. First, choose which alcohol you prefer to drink, he recommends vodka, gin, or tequila. For zest, try flavored vodka like cucumber, chili or tomato.

The next step, is to “indicate your flavor preference — standard, spicy, extra horseradish, etc.”

He mentions that if a person is a fan of Clamato (reconstituted tomato juice concentrate flavored with spices and clam broth), you can order a Bloody Caesar.

Sowinski’s perfect Bloody Mary: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, ½ tomato juice, ½ Clamato, spicy and extra horseradish.


The Phoenician

6000 E. Camelback Road


The Cantaloupe Martini – Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

According to the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain one of the best brunch beverages is the Cantaloupe Martini. Not to be fooled by the name and cantaloupe ball garnish, the popular cocktail doesn’t actually have any cantaloupe flavor in it. “The Watermelon Liqueur mixed with freshly squeezed Orange Juice gives it the taste it needs.”


1.5 oz Watermelon Liqueur
1.5 oz Vodka
2 oz Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Splash of Lime


Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

5700 E. McDonald Drive

Paradise Valley

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