Get to Know the Staff: Leslie from Kelly’s at Southbridge


by: Hannah Alley

“Get to Know the Staff” is back this week with, Leslie, a server  at Kelly’s at Southbridge. Meet the people who make the famous nightlife scene of Scottsdale possible.

Job: server 

AFM: What’s your story? How did you get your start in the nightlife industry?
Leslie: I’m a personal trainer by day at The Village at Gainey, and a server by night at Kelly’s at Southbridge.  My interest in working in nightlife stems from my social and outgoing personality. I am a very health conscious individual, who chooses not to drink very often, but loves meeting new people. So being at Kelly’s allows me to get the best of both worlds, socialization while staying healthy.

AFM: What makes you great at what you do? What sets you apart from other people that have the same job as you?
Leslie: I am very outgoing, and love meeting new people. Both my jobs are customer serviced based, so I guess you could say I like to make others happy, or put a smile on their face. I have a very light-hearted, easy going approach to serving, I always try to make everyone comfortable in the Kelly’s atmosphere, and have fun with the customers.

AFM: What kind of unique style do you specifically bring to Kelly’s at Southbridge?
Leslie: The specific style I bring to Kelly’s is the “petite girl with a spunky personality” who likes to smile and not taking anything too seriously – except getting the job done in a professional manner!


AFM: Why should customers want you as their server?
Leslie: People may want me as their server because I am not a “one-time server.” What I mean by that is I like to have fun with all of the customers and try my best to get to know a little about them while serving them. I remember most people I serve (photogenic memory) and love to ask how their life is going, how they might be doing at work or whatever was happening last time I saw them. I like to build small friendships with my customers.

AFM: What’s your signature drink? if you don’t have one, what’s your favorite?
Leslie: My favorite Kelly’s cocktail is our Strawberry Shamrock, so delicious yet refreshing.

AFM: What do you love most about your job?
Leslie: I love the staff I get to work with and the fun atmosphere we get to enjoy while working.

AFM: What do you like least?
Leslie: My least favorite thing is having been shown what a great atmosphere Kelly’s is and never really having the time to enjoy it because I’m always working.


AFM: In this industry it’s a given that you get hit on. What’s the weirdest way anyone has ever tried to get your number or pick you up?
Leslie: I served a table of two, who were clearly on a date, while she was in the restroom he asked me for my number to hang out “because I seemed like a genuine person.” So awkward and inappropriate.

AFM: What are you doing in your free time?
Leslie: I have a day job at The Village at Gainey as a personal trainer, love to work out, stay healthy and help others do the same.
I have two four  month-old golden retrievers who I take swimming four to five times a week. They are my babies and I love spending any free moment with them and my significant other.

I enjoy taking CrossFit classes five days a week, which feeds the competitive athlete in me. I’m currently setting my sights on the NPC stage early 2014, competing has always been a goal of mine.


AFM: What are some of your favorite local spots to hang out at?
Leslie: I love Postinos for good wine and conversation. Nights off in old town usually Hi Fi, Smashboxx and Kelly’s. Geisha for Sushi Sundays

AFM: Everybody has “their song” when they’re out that they want to hear, what’s yours?
Leslie: “Another Night Out” by Kaskade.

AFM: It’s your day off, you have to work tomorrow and money isn’t an object. What are you doing?

Leslie: If money were no object, I would take a day trip with my dogs and boyfriend to San Diego to enjoy the beach, have a nice lunch on the water, and do a spa day for all of us. Yes, even the dogs.


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  1. Arizona Foothills is by far such an informative magazine with a wide variety of various topics, i’m very proud of my daughter Hannah, who does some writing on the night life entertainment in Phoenix, and by the sounds of her writings, the nights are countless and endless,using your imagination to fulfill your time in Arizona!!

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