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Black Sabbath @ US Airways Center


Ward’s replacement is noticeably younger than the rest of the band members, but was able to keep-up with veteran rockers Ionni and Butler. Musically the band still rocks. Ionni and Butler effortlessly shredded through each song and hypnotized the audience with mind-blowing bass and guitar solos.

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  • WOW!!!!!! I love the love you can see in these pictures Amanda – very very very well done – I am sharing these with fans courtesy of you & We’re a small group of extreme diehards. Your pictures RULE!!!! Wish you’d gotten the hug though, or one of the ones where Ozzy looked out at the audience and had one of his silly pleased smiles on his face. He’s such a sweet and charming soul – how on earth has he kept the innocence given the amazing career he’s had. I have no idea, but he, Iommi, and Butler sure showed the WORLD and Arizona why they and they alone are called “The Kings of Doom.” What a great show!!!!!!

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