Behind the Bar: Mike Chapman of Huss Brewing Co.

Name: Mike Chapman

Title: General Manager, Huss Brewing Co. Taproom at Uptown Plaza

Instagram: @mikechapmanmusic

Find me pouring beers at Huss Brewing Co. Taproom at Uptown Plaza

My favorite beer on tap is Huss Brewing Co.’s Copper State IPA. This is the flagship IPA, made with citra, Amarillo and simcoe hops that provide a juicy yet dry tropical fruit flavor with great bitterness for a truly balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

I’d most like to pour a beer for Dave Grohl.

If I could have one super power behind the bar it would be WEATHER CONTROL. I would keep it sunny and 72 degree year-round JUST around our taproom.

If I were a flavor I’d be bitter (the hoppy kind).

My biggest bartending fail: Carrying my laptop bag behind the bar and knocking down a half a rack of pint glasses.

My top drink and food to recommend to guest: Black bean nachos with Copper State IPA. We make the nacho cheese with our beer and these things are massive!

When I’m not working I enjoy sipping tequila.

My favorite place in town for drinks is TT Roadhouse Stiff drinks + a great jukebox.

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