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Trend – Silky Pants

As with most days that I am not on set my life tends to take rather spontaneous twists and turns. One minute I am attending a meeting and the next I am back at my computer swooping in unexpectedly to help edit press materials or photos for clients.

Don’t get me wrong- I love it! This is what makes my life anything but boring. But I have to admit there are days that I just want to live in my pajamas and chill out. In fact, I have been known to say about my simple jersey maxi dress collection “this is the closest thing to pj’s I can wear and still be civilized”

The jury however is still out on the latest trend of silky pants. I love the way they look on others and I can’t dispute that they would answer my desire to lounge the day away in a chic manner. But the trouble is…. I just don’t see this trend looking good on anyone who isn’t slim or tall… and of course there is always the danger as with all trends that the boundaries of good taste will be trampled over like the meek at an Alexander Wang sample sale.

In any case these little silky numbers have moved far beyond the bedroom and out in to the open. If I have to point blame here it would go to Tommy Hilfiger. In his F/W 11 shows he turned out an unquestionable crop of darling and oh so chic ensembles that just beg for a spin.

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

The key to making this look work is paring your silk trousers with something not so silky. You really don’t want to look like you just sprang from your boudoir with no time to get dressed.

Take a cue from Amanda Brooks Barneys New York Fashion Director (and one of my personal style heroes) top left photo or Margherita Missoni center photo who stepped out in a pretty printed outfit earlier this year at Elizabeth Arden Design Special Project during Milan Fashion Week.

photo montage who what wear

Be sure to keep your blouse fitted or tucked in to avoid looking schlepy. And keep to flat, wedge or mid- heel shoes. Those towering stilettos are too much for this laid back look.

For length and proportion, keep it straight and long, meaning no tapered silhouettes or shorter lengths unless you want to add ten pounds to your frame. Keeping the leg straight (not skinny) gives an overall slimming and lengthening effect no matter what your shape.

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