Weekend Wrap-Up

I’m having an overly optimistic Monday for absolutely no reason. Actually, I took the time to accessorize today and am channeling my inner prep-girl a la Blair Waldorf with a pearl choker and bow headband that’s supercute. And, P.S., I just scored it at For Love 21 at Scottsdale Fashion Square for dirt cheap: $1.50 for two headbands so go scoop them up now!

But besides that, I’ve decided no need to be grouchy on Mondays. Yeah, I know, a full week of work lies ahead but it also means a full week to make it a spectacular one; that’s five full days to get it right, get things done and have a fab time. (If you’re still wondering about my grossly chipper mood you can also blame the Starbucks I grabbed this morning).

The weekend was a bit slow, save for the Desperate Housewives season premiere last night and Friday when I made it out to the DC Ranch Fall Fashion Show. It was nice to be out and actually enjoy nice weather! Plus, I was superexcited to wear my (somewhat) new outfit I concocted earlier in the week. (When I’m feeling randomly creative and inspired I have these dress-up evenings where A. I’m so very glad I don’t have a roommate to witness my madness as B. I make a disaster combining unexpected outfits and accessories together until I find something totally fresh and inventive.)

My mission as of late had been to figure out this Mason dress I got over a-year-and-a-half ago at the now defunct Mahsa. Up until this Friday, the tags were still intact as I could never figure out what the heck to wear this dress with! It’s a perfect example of why you should never be swayed by a sales price. The whole purchase was my fault really, I got distracted by the 70% off tag and completely ignored the fact that the dress was too big and bought it anyway.

So I had a stroke of brilliance earlier last week and finally found the perfect match: this black Lauren Felton vest I got at Fleur’t (which P.S. I will be wearing probably ALL the time this fall) and it worked great. I rocked it with my new Steve Madden snakeskin shoes and layered tons of gold chains. It was supercute. Plus, since the vest has pockets and it would have overloaded the outfit, I stuffed my camera and BlackBerry in there and went sans purse.

After the fashion show, we stopped by all the DC Ranch boutiques which were offering sips and sales till 9 p.m. and I totally fell for this metallic Rafe bag at Scarpe.

And they have it in a clutch version too. It’s sooooo adorable!!

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