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This year I have latched onto an accessory never before part of my daily habit (as in dress)–my leather link Fossil watch. I’ve had this watch for at least two years, though it is likely more than that, and it has done nothing but sit in my jewelry box, that is of course until this year as I’ve already stated. I’m not quite sure what made the difference that this should be the year I sport the classic and yet functional (admittedly mine is broken and not ticking) accessory, but I am now obsessed.

This new obsession comes at the end of the gold boyfriend watch trend and indeed in the midst of the arm party trend to which the watch has become a party guest.

photo:fancythingsblog.com, karenchaeng.com.au

These arm party pros have me inspired to find a few new watches that will add something special and different to my next soirée.

Dior has created THE timepiece to have or at least drool over. The Dior VIII Grand Bal Haute Couture watches are nothing short of mini masterpieces. Think pink sapphires, diamonds, mother of pearl, jade, ruby, amethysts and black ceramic…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

One band variation I’ve had my eye on recently is tortoise. There is something classic and preppy chic about it. I imagine wearing my favorite Lacoste polo, skinny black pants, and my fave pair of Keds and my tort watch. Of course that’s my personal watch fantasy…you may have something entirely different in mind for your tort watch.

Adidas & Kate Spade at nordstrom.com

We can also abandon chic, classic and couture for adjectives like bold, pop, and fun. Add a bit of pizazz to your timepiece wardrobe with a collection of timepieces that rivals the rainbow.

Betsey Johnson polyvore.com

Then there is the watch that demands to be the center of attention. No bracelet will steal its place on your arm–the oversized watch. Don’t be afraid of this trend…at the very least you won’t have to squint or take a second look when someone asks you for the time.

Marc by Marc Jacobs at netaporter.com

I saved the bracelet watch for last because it is the one that feels most at home in my accessory collection. Especially the ones that truly mimic bracelet styles like the cuff, bangle, and charm.

How do you wear your watches, solo or as part of an arm party? We would love to hear what some of your favorite styles are!

By Kristianne Young

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