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This Season’s Best TV Fashion

One of the best and worst parts about the New Year is that the new season of just about every show starts right after I’ve made all of these resolutions to get things done, start exercising, read a new book etc. Every night of the week there is at least one show I must watch. Thank goodness I don’t have DVR or I would know just how many hours I am investing in my TV watching and not on everything else I need to be doing. So where am I going with all of this TV talk? Well, style and beauty of course! Let’s talk some of our favorite looks from our favorite shows this season.

Girls, we can all agree that the shows creator, writer, and star Lena Denham was endearing at the Golden Globes as she struggled walking in her heels. Though Denham received a lot of flack for her inability to walk gracefully among the Hollywood crowd, isn’t that what is so fantastic about the show in general? It’s penchant for not quite fitting in. Ironically the wardrobe we see on the show is actually wearable and something you would expect to see on any given day walking the streets of Anytown, USA.


Marnie’s floral dress was my favorite outfit of the episode. I love the colors and the belted waist—flirty and feminine.


The Carrie Diaries made its much anticipated debut and to much surprise many SATC fans who thought they were going to absolutely hate the show found that they loved it instead. There are no doubt plenty of looks to gab about but Carrie’s mixing and matching of color, texture and patterns in this outfit is fantastic. And I am positive that soon fashionistas everywhere will be walking around with a head full of Carrie curls.

When Pretty Little Liars first aired it took a close friend who had read all of the books to convince me to give it a chance…and from episode 1 I was hooked. Who doesn’t love a little high school drama coupled with some fashion inspiration. Though I will admit most of the looks are on the adolescent side, but it still provides some good ideas.


Let’s start with Hannah’s hair. I absolutely adore her messy blonde locks… Say goodbye to the super sleek bobs and hello to texture!


I also love Spencer’s blue blazer and harem pant combo—talk about preppy chic.

By Kristianne Young

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