Snowbunny Season

It’s official! It’s freaking freezing outside. The funny thing about living in Arizona is that even though we might not have months of cold weather, it sure does come out of nowhere. And that means the season for hitting the slopes has most definitely arrived.

A certain someone I’ve been talking to is super stoked for snow sport season, which brought to mind (for me anyway) shopping for some irresistible snow bunny outfits. So whether you’re skiing, snowing, or playing in the powder, at least you can look adorable while doing it. That and shopping for said items at least helps erase the images of me careening down some mountain out of my head. Well, for the moment that is…

Here, a few supercute looks. Now if only they came with snow skills included!

Ready for a snowball fight???

Credits: Betty Rides Eco Asia magenta parka, Burton Sly puffy vest, Coal Tahoe Hat, Burton The White Collection Apocolpyse Jacket, Oakley white thermal henley, Oakley Mane Jacket,
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